Thursday, January 31, 2013


So apparently 2013, thus far, has been about me wanting to update a few things.  I've wanted to have someone do a cute blog design for awhile.  I finally broke down after the first of the year and contacted Leslie with Sweetie Baby's and asked her to do it.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I've tried over the years to add different things.  No matter how much I google and try to follow the directions working with HTML is not something I can do.  I can't decorate my kids birthday cakes and I can't design blogs.  So I have someone do it for me and I am ok with that.  Thanks Leslie, I love it!

I'm also burning up Craigslist and Pinterest looking for things and getting ideas for some home updates we are doing.  Right now I've got so many things swirling around in my head and I can't wait to get started on these projects.  Last weekend my kitchen looked like Pinterest exploded because I have a tendency to start too many things at once.  I was mid way through re-doing my spice cabinet and painting the pantry all weekend.  I did manage to get the kitchen somewhat back together by Sunday evening.  Jay took Camryn to Youth Group and told me I needed to have it cleaned up by the time they got home so Camryn wouldn't injure herself.  That little turkey can reach farther and farther up on the table every day.  No matter where we put a spray bottle of Febreeze we kept finding her with it try to spray everything in site.

So look for more project funnies to come.  I feel sorry for Jay right now.  He is super busy at school because he has no planning period right now and then when he gets home I'm telling him about all these "great and so super easy" Pinterest ideas I'm finding.  He just rolls his eyes.  I told him last night that as long as he clears out President's Day weekend for me that should be sufficient.  I only need him to build some shelves, take some pictures off the old computer, build a frame for the hallbathroom mirror,  maybe try our hand and tiling a backsplas etc.  Not tood bad, right???    He will also be doing a lot of heavy lifting that weekend because we are finally getting new kitchen flooring starting February 18.  YAY!!!  So somtime that weekend he has to move out the computer cabinet, kitchen table, china cabinet, stove, fridge, wardrobe in the laundry room, our man killer dryer and the washer.... Hopefully by the time he goes back to school on the 19th we are still speaking..... 

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