Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I Did Today....

It is not something I would've ever thought I would was not something I had ever thought about wanting to so...and I didn't do it because I wanted to...
I took half of the requirements necessary to carry and conceal a weapon. Yup...the next time you see me I could have a gun in my bra...but don't be concerned. I don't even have a gun!

Jay has wanted to do this for awhile and he wanted me to do it to. Yes, knowing how to use a gun is a good idea. Knowing how to load and unload it is a good idea. Carrying one on my body though is a whole 'nother thing that I've not bought in to completely.

Jay has been talking to me about this for awhile. This week I finally resigned myself to keep my mouth shut and go. If it was that important to him I'd get licensed, it just didn't mean I would carry one. The same night I made my decision Jay came home and told me he understood I didn't want to....BUT he had a gut feeling I was going to need this some time. WHAT??? Why did he have to say that? Now he has scared the crap out of me. And we don't even own a gun. I've been a little worried to even leave the house since Thursday.

We debated it back and forth, because I'm still too scared to have anything like that with Camryn and Cade. Jay said that we'd learn about where to hide it on our bodies and it would be fine. My hands were sweating through the whole conversation.

At the class today thy showed us 3 strapped under the boobs, one in the waist band and one on the ankle. All I could think was that none of that was going to work very well with my boots and skinny jeans or my dresses. Then don't even get me started on carrying Camryn through the mall with one strapped to my chest.

I asked Leslie about the comfort of it and she told me that it is uncomfortable but she wears it for protection and not for comfort. I completely get that statement but...(girl talk here) I've been having major bra comfort issues for the last few months. If my bra makes me uncomfortable to the point I almost loose my mind during the day I really don't think I can handle a gun strapped to my boobs and poking my tummy roll. I'd seriously be more at risk of going stark raving mad and stripping my clothes off in my office to get away from the constant rubbing than needing to shoot someone.

Then there is the waist band kind. I don't know about other women, but I've spent a lot of time, energy and money on Spanx to camouflage my muffin top. Unless Spanx is making conceal and carry Assets for Target I don't know that one in my waist band will work. And that is even if it would fit in my waist band. I wanted to ask Leslie if she has to go up a size in jeans to make it fit? Then there is the whole issues of the type of pants I wear...I'm afraid dress pants would be too thin and a bulge would show. My skinny jeans would work better but then I'd have to lift up 6 feet of tunic to get to the gun. Because if I'm wearing skinny jeans I want the shirt down to my knees! Then there are my regular jeans. I do love my regular jeans, but they fall down a lot. I can't decide if they are too big or too small, but I'm constantly hiking them up. I'm afraid I'd be walking and the gun would end up around my kneecap. I did mention that with my dresses that I wear to work none of those options would work very well. I guess there is a type of carrier that is like underwear and you wear it there. I'm not sure a gun in my crotch all day sounds any better.

Oh and if I could ever finally find the perfect outfit then there is the bathroom issue. Leslie said she knows the best bathrooms in Springfield for going with a gun. It really is just too much for my brain to wrap around today. Picture it... The mall, a stroller, Camryn, diaper bag, packages, drinks, snacks...then I have to maneuver all that into a handicapped stall, find a place to put the gun while repeating over and over to Camryn don't touch anything and to please not lick the floor.

On the way home Jay asked if I felt better about it. NO!!! If anything I feel more anxious. I'll have to start wearing shapeless Mumus. And what about summer clothes? It would be virtually impossible to hide one then. I just don't think this is for least not on my body. But then Jay has this "gut feeling".... So yeah I am really not feeling a bit better about the whole deal!

We will finish up the class in 2 weeks. I really do appreciate Jake and Leslie teaching it for us. There were 10 in the class. I do feel there is a need for it. If Jay wants to carry a gun I am fine with it. I don't have any problems with people carrying guns. I just have a problem if that person is me!!! I really wanted to get new flooring for my kitchen...not a gun!

After our training we went to Cade's second basketball game. They are now 2-0. I forgot to mention that Camryn was
at the class with it. Four hours of keeping a toddler entertained and quiet. Fun times fun times. By the time Cade's game started, after Jay and I worked the concession stand for an hour, I was worn out. And I might as well have been sitting on rocks as bad as the bleachers made my rear hurt. I don't know if it (meaning my hind end) will survive another 17 years of bleachers. I may have to break down and buy a seat cushion(insert big sigh).

Then can you imagine how my butt would have felt if I had a gun crammed down my pants. Except I was wearing leggings and boots. I don't know if a gun and leggings would go together very well. I'm picturing a possible accidental depantsing occurring. Or if I had the crotch kind on what kind of bulge would that show in leggings and a tunic??

Now I have a huge headache. This is too much for my brain today. I'm going to sign off and do something relaxing like listen to the weather and hear about our possible ice accumulation tonight :)

Here are a few pictures from the game. Cade is the one wearing the red uniform with a gray shirt. He swore he loaded his white t-shirt this morning...

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