Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes, We are still alive

Since I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday I thought I should let everyone know that yes, we are all still making it. 

Jay still has a horrible cough.  Since I am human I will admit it is driving me crazy.  Not that it is his fault at all or it's not anything he can help.  I'm sure he is even more annoyed with it than I am.  But man, he is a loud cougher.  I'd say it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million decibels.  It is a good thing he never took up smoking.   

Cade finally seems to be on the mend.  Yesterday morning when he woke up Jay asked him if his throat hurt.  All he could say was "I don't know".  Obviously he hasn't learned that if he wanted to stay home again he should've said "yes".  We had a good laugh over that then shipped him off to spread his germs to the rest of the public.  Last night he said his throat felt fine and he ate better than he had ate in a few days.  Then this morning he was moving like a snail and he had a pain in his side.  I'll see what happens when I get home tonight.

Camryn's mouth seems to have gone back to its normal size.  The last couple of days she has been making up for lost time when she was sick and not getting into things.  This week I've lost track of everything she has done.  I think Stacy found her swirling paper in the toilet with the toilet brush.  I've found her with my mascara in my hand and mascara on her face.  Again.  Also, some of my makeup was missing this morning.  She can now reach the edge of the table and countertops and the very top drawer in our bathroom.  There is constantly stuff from the drawer on the floor.  Since our vanity is outside the bathroom there is no way to shut the door.  We've had to use a baby gate to keep her out of there.  Jay said she looked at him with disdain when he put it up the other night.  Last night she did seem to be more raspy again.  And she started coughing , got choked and puked curdled milk in our bed.  I've lucked out and not had to clean up much puke in my almost 11 mothering years, but there is something about curdled milk that makes me dry heave more than anything else....especially when I'm half asleep and it is all over my pillow.  Gross.  Fingers crossed that she is not getting sick again.

My thumb is fine.  I should get the stitches out Thursday.  The only problem I'm having with it is getting dressed each morning.  I'm pretty much limited to leggings.  I tried pants yesterday and I did get them up but buttoning them was a definite problem.  I got it done but decided I couldn't work that hard every time I went to the bathroom.  And I was afraid I'd bust a stitch open.  I'm having to get pretty creative with what I'm wearing with the leggings due to the fact my black ones are dirty so I'm having to expand into other colors.  It's is getting tough but who doesn't like a good clothing challenge????  Who knows, I may be able to start another fashion blog.....500 ways to wear a pair of leggings when you almost cut your thumb off  I think that is quite catchy.

We are all surviving.  Honestly our house took the brunt of this week.  I had been able to get it in a state of "wouldn't be too mortified if someone came over" since Sharon's birthday, but I lost that status this week.  I did get part of it done last night and we will hopefully get the rest of it back in order tonight.  Of course it doesn't help that I've been running late the last couple of mornings and I've had to do all of this legging experimenting.  There is a stack of clothes in our closet that needs to be hung up again.  Keeping a neat closet seems to be as likely for me as....I don't know what.  It's just not something I can seem to make happen.  Hopefully I can at least keep it clean until I have to get dressed tomorrow morning.....

Have a great weekend!!!

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Jay said...

We got it picked up. Don't leave me out here.