Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Quotes

Again I've had another unplanned blogging break. My mom had surgery on December 3. It was a colon resection which meant she spent several days in the hospital. Charity and I each ended up making two trips to Oklahoma City the first two weeks of December. We are thankful that she is doing good and the pathology came back ok. 

But that made a crazy time of year a little crazier. Jay did a great job with the kids and took care of them with no complaints. Actually Camryn is better when I'm gone. I think within minutes of me coming home Jay was ready to send
me away. Is that a typical girl/mom thing?

December and Christmas is just flying by. I always wish December was twice as long because I love everything about it.  There is also so much stuff I want to do and there is never enough time to do it Advent activities, watching all the Hallmark movies, making cookies and candy, keeping my house clean so I can see the tree and not piles of laundry, listening to the Bing Crosby Pandora station, Silver Dollar City, Live Nativity's etc. December just isn't  long enough for all the wonderfulness!!!! 

I did away with my Advent ideas from last year. I knew with mom's surgery I needed to lower my Christmas expectations. We did do our welcome back Joe breakfast but Joe sometimes forgets to move. Camryn had already asked if Santa is real and has informed us the Elf isn't real and people move him. She will be the Kindergartener who ruins it for everyone else!!!

Some other things we've managed to fit in and enjoyed every minute of it:
Silver Dollar City
Santa at the mall
Looking at lights
Miller Christmas Parade
Caroling with our church and Christmas Party
Be in my home churches Nativity
See Jim and Sharon's church's live Nativity

I'm off until Friday so I also hope to:
Make Sugar Cookies
Make Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes
Make Reindeer Feed for the kids to put out on Christmas Eve
We will see how it goes...considering we've been exposed to illness on both sides of our families....

And some Camryn quotes I don't want to forget:
Avery: Camryn do you have an Elf on the Shelf
Camryn: actually he's on a light (which was where e was at that morning)

Charity: Camryn tell me about Santa
Camryn: We'll he's coming to town

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and an Influenza Type A free Happy New Year!