Friday, December 31, 2010

Day after Christmas

The day after Christmas we celebrated with Jay's family. You can tell that with each time we celebrated my picture level went down. This was the only one we got on Sunday. I had to get this one from Jay's phone even...Yes, we are pathetic, but I did get several videos.

Nana wrote out some stories about her and Granddad for Cade. This is a picture of Cade reading them to her. It was a neat gift and this was a neat picture of the two of them.

We had a good time with every one that day. We stayed until about 10:00 pm that night playing Mexican Train dominoes. I don't believe I have ever played dominoes, but it was fun.

I did take a couple more pictures today to add to this post. I am at work today and it is so sloooow. I'm counting down the minutes until 4:30 and I can get the heck out of here!!

Here is one of my most unlikely gift this Christmas...a pair of boots from Jim and Sharon. They thought I needed a pair with all of the cattle shows I will be going to over the next few years. What's funny is that they gave Megan money to buy her boots with but actually bought me a pair. Sharon said she knew how I operated and that I would never use the money to buy a pair for myself. After 11 years she knows me pretty well! I got a kick out of that. She did tell me though to go the store and look at all the boots to make sure they were what I wanted. We did that on Monday and I ended up keeping the pair she bought for me. I even wore them for the first time today and every one at work noticed them.

And when you have boots you have to have jeans to go with them. Jay picked me out some new jeans for Christmas. The jeans he bought weren't sold in regular 6, 8, 10, etc  sizes they were in the waist measurements. I think he talked to another lady buying the same jeans and the same time and they guessed my size. He was pretty proud of himself when I tried them on Christmas morning and they fit. So I am wearing jeans and boots today, that I never would've bought for myself, but that I actually like. I feel a little out of character :)

Last is a picture of one of the more thoughtful gifts Jay has given me.  He always does a good job on any gift he gets me, but this year he worked really hard at it.  He wanted something special for all of the stuff that we had been through this year.  We both mentally went through hard stuff, but I also had to go through the physical stuff.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but he bought me a diamond snowflake necklace.  He even found my friend Shelley's number on my phone and texted her about the different ideas he had for a gift.  He wanted something to commemorate the embryo adoption, but yet not be a painful reminder of the 6 embryos we lost.  I think he did a great job.  Yes, I will always remember the embryos, but when I look at the necklace I remember the love and thoughtfulness my wonderful husband put into a Christmas gift after one of our tougher married years. 

And I believe that brings an end to my holiday posts.  New Years Eve is tonight and we have no plans.  This is the first time in years that our church has not had a party.  I feel a little lost!  This is also the first time in several years that I'm not necessarily glad to see the old year go.  I remember when 2006 finally ended we went home after the church party and burnt the calender.  We thought 2007 had to be better.  Three days later we ended up in the ER with Jay - we still laugh about that!  So I guess this year I feel neutral - I have no idea what 2011 will bring for our family but ready or not there is nothing I can do about it.  I guess I will just go home tonight and enjoy the last night of 2010 with my two favorite people in the world, eat some Chinese and play some Wii. Happy New Year everyone.  See you in 2011!!!

Christmas Day

After we were done with presents at our house and got ready we headed to Sheldon for the big Christmas on my side of the family.  My dad is one of 6 kids.  Every year the siblings and their kids get together for Christmas.  It was a huge deal growing up.  I loved the holidays when we were all in one place.  It provided lots of opportunites to play with all of my cousins.  Now that my grandparents have passed away it's dwindled somewhat, but it is still good to be togeter.  It's gotten even more important to me know because it seems like I only see some of them at Christmas.  Since we were gone last year, it's been two years since I have seen some of them.  This year everyone met at my dad's house.  I took videos, but didn't take any pictures with our camera.  I had to borrow these from Charity's Facebook account.  

 Avery got a karaoke machine from Santa.  I think the only CD she own is Justin Bieber.  I think I have a video of Cade yelling at Avery to please turn off Justin Bieber.  I believe that I am getting old because I don't think I had heard a Justin Bieber song until Christmas Day.  I'm one of those people I swore I'd never be - my grandparents.  They never turned the radio on in their car.  I used to think it was something only boring old people do.  Now I understand how a "mature" person appreciates the blessed silence of being in the car with no noise.  Anyway, I guess that may be the reason I had never heard Justin Bieber repeat Baby Baby a million times before last Saturday.  Avery kept telling people she was a Pop Star. 
 This is what Cade did pretty much all day.  He has been talking for two years about playing the Wii with Glynn.  Except Cade can't remember his name.  He calls him the kid with the Wii and the glasses. The game Cade has been obsessed with is a WWII flying game.  At one point on Christmas Day Cade told me had a headache.  I told him he probably needed to take  break from the Wii.  He didn't like that idea.  He had to pass the level he was on.  That was more important than the pain it was causing.  I ended up giving him Tylenol for his head when we got home that night.  What a funny boy.