Friday, December 10, 2010


The Nativity on Sunday night has been postponed. We are going to shoot for the 19th. I am disappointed because I thought it was going to be really neat. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next Sunday. BUT this will give me the opportunity to fumigate my house this weekend. The flu bug needs to be eradicated. Jay had to coach basketball practice last night. One player had to go home because his two siblings started puking simultaneously while they were waiting . Jay said the mom looked a little frazzled when she said had to take the boy home early. Guess the flu bug is making the rounds around the Miller Elementary.

I'm still going to finish the angel wings tonight because the kids will still walk in the Christmas parade tomorrow. I wasn't going to make new angel wings this year, because I had made them last year. When I opened up the pattern though for the costumes I realized our angel wings were from a little kid pattern. That explained why they looked so small when we put them on the middle school aged girls. Even if we end up not needing them this year, it will be nice to have some of this stuff on hand so we don't have to do this every year….like we have for the past two years. I also have every intention of finishing those costumes. The cut out pieces of material are in the living room chair that no one sits in (because you can't see the TV) mocking me. I'm fighting the urge to stick them in the closet of unfinished projects, but I won't. I will finish them!!!

Charity just called and Avery's pre-school teacher thinks she might have Chicken Pox…..If that is the case, that will throw her household into a full-blown six-alarm holiday emergency. I'll take mocking costumes over chicken pox any day. Where's the Tylenol????

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