Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catch Up First Day of School

I feel pretty pathetic that the first half of his 3rd grade year is almost over and I'm just now getting the pictures posted. 

It's so hard to believe he's this old.  Didn't he just start Kindergarten?

School seems to be going a little better this year.  He is so much like me when it comes to school work...reading is great, math is not so great.  Seeing his test scores every year takes me back  - they look almost identical to mine.  That is much to Jay's dismay since he is the one that ends up helping Cade with his homework.  Since Cade and I have such an identical personality we tend to clash more while doing homework.  Which from my experience is pretty typical of children/parents who are alike.  I'm more than happy to let Jay handle it.  I usually do the dishes instead!

This was Jay's first day of his 12th year of teaching....first day of his 10th year at Miller.  So I guess that would make it like his 29th first day of school?  Only 18 more to go!

And after taking them to school I headed to work.  Same job I've been at for almost 10 no special "first day" thing for me.  Just another day at the office.

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