Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning

Jay's parents came to our house on Christmas Eve.  We weren't celebrating with that side until the 26th so that meant Christmas Eve was a little more relaxed for all of us.  Jim and Sharon came over for a meal of steaks, cheesy potatoes, scalloped cabbage (because I had bought a head of cabbage thinking it was lettuce) and apple cake.  I had a run of bad luck that night...the dip I made had all of the fat separate and became extremely oily, the apple cake would not finish baking, the potatoes got overdone and the cabbage wasn't done enough.  At least the steaks turned out wonderful. I didn't touch those!  Really, I can cook, I just had some issues that night for some reason.  But at least my table looked good!  I had to take a picture to show my mom and dad.  The candlesticks were from my Grammy and Granddad Fowler and the little salad bowls were from my Mamma and Pampa Ewing.  It's neat having stuff of theirs around the house.

After we ate we finished reading the parts of the Nativity set from our 12 days of Christmas presents.  We saved some of them so Memo and Papa Jim could be a part of it

Isn't it cute?
After we finished the Nativity I let Jay and Cade open some presents.  It is a tradition in our family to get Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.  My Mamma and Pampa started that years ago and I've continued it.  Jay and I also decided to let Cade open up one other gift, a Wii game, that night.  When I wrapped the presents I marked the ones for Cade with a CE for Christmas Eve. That night I gave both of the gifts to Cade to open and told him which one to open first (the jammies).  You can imagine my surprise when he opened them and it wasn't the jammies - it was a John Deere shirt. I double checked the box and it was marked with a CE.  I had to open two more presents in our bedroom before I found the right one for him to open. We ended up making him wait on the Wii game until Christmas day.  When I wrapped Jay's Christmas jammies I marked them as just from Cade.  That was supposed to be the code for his Christmas Eve gift.  Again imagine my surprise when Jay opened the gift and it was a shirt, not the Christmas jammies.  I have no idea where my head was at when I wrapped the gifts.  What is even scarier is that I did it on two separate nights.  Luckily Jay had plenty of Christmas pants to pick from for the next morning.   

Sharon tried to get a family picture of us.  Our camera is the biggest disappointment I've ever purchased.  It is awful, especially in the dark.  This was the second shot and we gave up after this one.  Uhm, I don't believe this one will make the next profile cut.
After Jim and Sharon left we got ready for Santa - Cookies and milk.  Cade even poured Santa's milk and then remembered to put it back in the fridge.  Impressive!
This is an awful picture of the gifts that Santa left for Cade (thanks to our no good camera).  It is a helicopter, Cardinals sweatshirt, socks (which Santa bought several sizes too small - someones head was not in the right spot this Christmas!) Wii game, Coke and a bean bag.  Santa suffered from some insomnia that night so he she visited about 3 am, left the stuff, watched a DVR'd Christmas Frasier and then finally went back to bed.
This year was a wonderful Christmas.  I really worked on taking it a day at a time and enjoying every moment of it.  I was sad when it ended and I had to go back to work.  I'm going to miss having lunch with them once school starts back on Monday.

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Shelley said...

Your Christmas Eve gifts cracked me up, too! Or should I say your innability to get it right cracked me up. Cade looks like he had so much fun! We usually do the PJ thing too, but didn't this year...I'll have to remember that for next year.

And about the camera....get one like I have, you won't be disappointed! Worth every penny.