Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Christmas Presents

Sorry about the depressing post from yesterday, but that's just part of adoption.  Some days are good, some days are not so good.  Yesterday happened to be one of those not so good days, but we are doing fine.  It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to get over the disappointment.  Yesterday was one of those longer ones.  But today is a new day and who knows what could be in store for us tomorrow? 

We've got plenty of things to keep us busy right now so we are moving on and adjusting our minds from the plans we hoped would be back to the ones that will happen in reality....which happens to be the same plans we had up until we got the e-mail Monday morning.  So we are moving on with all of our Christmas plans...I wrapped presents last night...tomorrow is Cade's school party and then they get out at 1:00 pm for two whole weeks...Saturday is our 11th Anniversary (which we have no plans for at the time of this publication)...Sunday is the live Nativity...the 21st is Christmas with my family AND I'm on vacation the 22-28.  Trying to come up with an idea of something fun and different for us to do one of the days I'm off.  I have a plan in mind but I need to run it by Jay. 

Another thing we have going on in our household is a mysterious package that arrived Tuesday.  It had no name on it anywhere so we don't know who sent it.  .   It was filled with 12 wrapped and numbered gifts.  We were to open the 1st one on the 14th and then one every day until the 25th.  Gift #12 feels like a card so I hope we find out who sent it Christmas day.  I have my suspicions, but will wait to announce it once I know for sure. Cade is loving this.  We've used it as an incentive to get up the last two mornings, which has also helped us out a lot.  Don't know what we will resort to come January 3! 

Gift #1 - Socks
Gift #2 - Card game
Gift #3 - Christmas decoration

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