Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

After we were done with presents at our house and got ready we headed to Sheldon for the big Christmas on my side of the family.  My dad is one of 6 kids.  Every year the siblings and their kids get together for Christmas.  It was a huge deal growing up.  I loved the holidays when we were all in one place.  It provided lots of opportunites to play with all of my cousins.  Now that my grandparents have passed away it's dwindled somewhat, but it is still good to be togeter.  It's gotten even more important to me know because it seems like I only see some of them at Christmas.  Since we were gone last year, it's been two years since I have seen some of them.  This year everyone met at my dad's house.  I took videos, but didn't take any pictures with our camera.  I had to borrow these from Charity's Facebook account.  

 Avery got a karaoke machine from Santa.  I think the only CD she own is Justin Bieber.  I think I have a video of Cade yelling at Avery to please turn off Justin Bieber.  I believe that I am getting old because I don't think I had heard a Justin Bieber song until Christmas Day.  I'm one of those people I swore I'd never be - my grandparents.  They never turned the radio on in their car.  I used to think it was something only boring old people do.  Now I understand how a "mature" person appreciates the blessed silence of being in the car with no noise.  Anyway, I guess that may be the reason I had never heard Justin Bieber repeat Baby Baby a million times before last Saturday.  Avery kept telling people she was a Pop Star. 
 This is what Cade did pretty much all day.  He has been talking for two years about playing the Wii with Glynn.  Except Cade can't remember his name.  He calls him the kid with the Wii and the glasses. The game Cade has been obsessed with is a WWII flying game.  At one point on Christmas Day Cade told me had a headache.  I told him he probably needed to take  break from the Wii.  He didn't like that idea.  He had to pass the level he was on.  That was more important than the pain it was causing.  I ended up giving him Tylenol for his head when we got home that night.  What a funny boy.

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Anonymous said...

I your wording "mature" people in your post about enjoying the quiet peacefully in your car without the radio. Every time Tim gets in a vehicle he has to turn on the radio, usually TALK RADIO. You can't have a conversation because of the radio.