Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Legend of the Popper

When I was pregnant with Cade Terry found one of those Fisher Price Popper push toys on the side of the road. Since he comes from a long line of roadside scavengers he picked it up and presented it to us for his future niece or nephew. We did our parental duty and let Cade play with it because that's a right of passage as a kid. Who hasn't played with one of those poppers?

Here is one thing you should know about Jay before I continue the story- he loves to buy presents for other peoples kids. I
Think it goes back to Christmas 2004. That was the first year Cade really got into Christmas. Every one gave the almost 3 year old toys with a bunch of pieces. They were all tied down tightly in the box with wire. Remember Cade was still little and hadn't developed patience yet. Jay would have to remove the toys as quickly as possible while Cade anxiously hung on him. Jay said later that every time Cade opened up something it made
him physically ill when he saw all the pieces. Honestly all of those toys are a treasured memory because we still laugh about it. And Cade still has a lot of them and he still plays with them.

So it was Christmas 2007 and Avery was 18 months old. Since we believe in giving during the holidays Jay wanted to share some joy with Justin and Charity. He wrapped up the popper to give to Avery. Jay didn't just put it in a box or a giant bag he carefully wrapped it. The whole thing was covered in paper but you could tell exactly what it was. He giggled a lot to himself while he worked that nigh he wrapped it. When Justin was loading their car with the presents Christmas night he thought he'd try to pull one over on Jay. He left it in Dad's basement like he "forgot" it. After they left Jay told the rest of us that he saw what Justin had done. So he sneaked it out to their car and hid it in there. That's how the popper ended up in the Ogle house.

Unfortunately Avery must have been a little old for it because she didn't play with it enough to satisfy Jay. But that has all changed since her little brother came on the scene. Charity sent us this picture last night. I guess it is true that patience does pay off. Jay may want to frame this picture as proof. Oh, Megan and Terry - don't you worry. We will get this back from Charity when you guys start having kids.

Yes, Jay is all about spreading the joy during the holidays!!!

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Charity said...

I wish I could add the noise of the popper on here. Lawson doesn’t just push it, but he also picks it up and bangs in on the floor. He was going strong with it this morning. I will make sure to bring it on the 21st and 25th just to make sure Jay can enjoy it! :)

Laura said...

Soooo funny. I gave one of those to Katie when she was little too. I too just wanted to spread the "joy", Karl didn't see the humor in it though and "nuetered" it. Poor toy never was the same. However I still try to give noisy toys to little kids, a few months back I got Noah a harmonica! You're welcome Lucas!