Friday, May 29, 2009

Please Pray

I just got a phone call from our caseworker. I almost passed out because I picked up the phone and she started talking about a baby. I thought for a few seconds this was the call, but it wasn't quite least not yet. There is a baby already born that she was wondering if we wanted our profile shown. As of when we talked there were 5 other familes being shown. Please, please say a prayer for the baby's mother as she looks at the profiles and for our nerves as we wait. I have no idea when she will let us know, but she'll let us know either way. And, most importantly, for God's will to be done in this situation and for us to accept it whatever it may be.

I'm quite a bundle of nerves right now, I've never had anyone from the agency call for a situation. They've only returned my calls when I've had questions. I know that it's really no different than when we get an e-mail about one, but it feels differently.....especially because I've prayed several times this week for someone from the agency to contact us about a baby IF that was God's will.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Times

Things have been a little crazy around our house the last week. I've wanted to get these pictures on the blog, but haven't had a chance until today to get them from the camera onto the computer. Baseball started Monday night. It didn't go so well. Jay was really disgusted by the teams showing that night - the other Miller team had 6 kids who could catch the ball and throw the runners out. We had one kid (Benjamin) singing about poop in the outfield and another digging his way to China in the dirt by 3rd base. I'm really hoping tonight goes better. Here's a picture of the two baseball boys from Monday night.

Another thing causing some excitement around the house this week was something Cade won at school. Yes, Cade is now in possession of a 5lb Hershey Bar. It doesn't even fit on the shelf in our refrigerator. Cade was so proud of it on Monday. Jay brought him by the office after school so everyone could ooh and ahh over it. Really, it is quite impressive. No one at FCS had ever seen anything like it.

On Tuesday he couldn't stand it anymore and we opened it. I chiseled off two tiny squares and I don't think he's thought about it since then. What in the world are we going to do with 5 lbs of chocolate?

The other bit of excitement is that Cade got strep throat again. We have an appointment with an ENT on June 12. I'm pretty sure we'll be looking at tonsillectomy before school starts again. We haven't told Cade that yet because any time you bring up tonsils he gets worked up. Considering this will be his 3rd surgery you'd think he'd be a pro at it by now. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.
And you may be wondering how track and field day went. I think it went really good. He won 1st place in the Long Jump which is exciting because my dad held the state record in the Long Jump for several years. Maybe he's found his sport???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's That Time of Year

May has arrived in full force. It’s the time of the year where school is starting to wind down but before it totally stops everything speeds up for about 2-3 weeks. May is that magical time of FFA banquets, graduation announcements and Baccalaureate. May is also the time for millions of little last minute things that the school tries to squeeze in that results in Cade’s backpack being stuffed full of a papers. I think there’s been a tree’s worth already this week. It’s also the time for last minute school plays and field trips and of course the most memorable big event of May….can anybody guess what it is….it’s my absolute favorite day of the year (insert lots of sarcasm). Yes, it’s time for Track and Field Day.

Last night Cade told me his stomach hurt. He still doesn’t quite understand the different kind of stomach pain – is it stomach flu throw up hurt, cramping, nervous tummy, etc so I was questioning him about how it felt. He said it felt like he was on a roller coaster. I asked him if he was nervous about something. He said yes, that Track and Field Day was Friday and it was making him nervous. Talking to him took me back 25 years. It’s like carrying on a conversation with myself in the 1st grade. Poor kid….

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Usual

Cade has said several funny things this past weekend. I’m not exactly sure what was wrong with him, maybe it was a change in the weather, but he was full of it.

Friday night we went to the school and worked on the FFA slide show till about 8. We hadn’t eaten anything before so we were all starving once we left the school so we decided to go eat Mexican. On the way to the restaurant I called mom to check on grandpa. Cade wanted to talk to grandma so I gave him the phone. She must’ve asked him what he was going to eat because his reply was “I think I’ll have the usual”. Yes, Cade is 7 and he has a “usual” at the Mexican restaurant in town. Do you think we might eat there often? By the way the usual is a Mexican Pizza.

On Saturday evening we went to Jim and Sharon’s to celebrate Jay’s birthday. Sharon had ordered a birthday cake for Jay and it wasn’t a huge cake, but enough for all of us. Compared to what we order for Cade’s party it was small, but it was still a regular sized cake. Cade and I were looking at it and he said “well it’s not much of a birthday cake, but at least it’s still a cake”. I quickly looked around to make sure Sharon hadn’t heard him. Later on Sharon made a comment about the size of the cake so I was able to share with her that Cade felt the same way – it wasn’t much of a cake.

Jim and Sharon are also really good about taking Cade to pick out birthday and Christmas gifts for Jay and me. Saturday night when Cade handed Jay his gift he said “it’s not much of a gift but here it is anyway”. So we all laughed about that. It ended up being a hammer so Jay asked him where he picked it out from. Cade said “upstairs”. Jim tried to stop him from saying it, but Cade was too quick. They hadn’t had time to take Cade shopping so Jim bought 3 things so Cade could pick from them to give Jay….which he did….upstairs. That caused us to have a learning moment about not sharing everything that pops into his head. Oh, we are really having to be careful about what we say in front of him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay

Today is Jay's 32nd birthday. He's not home with us right now, he's in Oklahoma City with his soils team. I think this is the first birthday out of our married years that we haven't seen each other??? To celebrate Jay's birthday Cade and I ate at Mazzio's. Jay doesn't care for Mazzios so Tuesday nights when he's not home Cade and I will eat there. I told Jay that's how Cade and I would celebrate his birthday. I don't think he was too disappointed to miss his own party.

Happy Birthday....we love you and miss you!!!!
Cade dictated this last part to me.......Dear Daddy I hope you are having fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. From Cade. I love you very much.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Coach's Son

My good friend Sandra has two boys who have played baseball on some pretty competitive teams. I've heard all sorts of stories about these baseball teams, the coaches, the coaches kids, etc. Since I'm not a big sports fan they are all pretty much horror stories to me, especially how the coach's kids are sometimes treated differently. Well I learned last night that Cade is not the typical coach's kid.....

He's playing co-ed coaches pitch baseball again. Last night was the first practice that I've gone to (they've only had two others so I'm not that terrible of a mother). I was standing by a set of parents that I had never seen before so they probably had no idea who I was either. Cade happened to be playing catch with their little girl, who by the way is quite a bit bigger than the other boys on the team. Cade turns into such a goofball when he's out on the field. He twirls and dances and flitters around while he's supposed to be playing. Cade also got the best of mine and Jay's talent for sports so when you add in the fact he's not paying a bit of attention you can imagine what he looks like out there. So Cade and this little girl were playing catch and he couldn't catch the ball and when he threw the ball to the girl it wasn't making it all the way. The little girl got ready to throw it back but she stopped and turned around and asked her parents "should I take it easy on him?" Her parents responded with "NO, he needs to learn how to catch the ball". I couldn't decide if I was irritated with the parents or mortified that a girl thought she needed to take it easy on my boy......I still can't quite decide how I feel but Jay and I did have a good laugh over it last night.

Then I was standing there watching two of the other boys on the team. They are brothers and you can tell that their dad has spent a lot of time playing with them. They are two very good little players. I think one of the main differences between them and Cade is that they want to play ball. Cade could care less. He wants to play, but he doesn't want to play like those boys do. While I standing there watching those two boys I missed Cade's next stunt....

He walked up to me rubbing his head and he was absolutely filthy. I couldn't figure out why because just a few seconds ago he had been standing in the middle of the field. As far as I knew the ball hadn't been hit in his direction. He had mud all over his arms, up and down his legs and he had the closest thing to a grass stain on the top of his head that I've ever seen on hair. I asked what happened. He bent over to look between his legs and he lost his balance. I think he toppled over and landed on his head. Nice. He got dirty at practice, not by practicing but by goofing around. Yes, he is the coach's son.