Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's That Time of Year

May has arrived in full force. It’s the time of the year where school is starting to wind down but before it totally stops everything speeds up for about 2-3 weeks. May is that magical time of FFA banquets, graduation announcements and Baccalaureate. May is also the time for millions of little last minute things that the school tries to squeeze in that results in Cade’s backpack being stuffed full of a papers. I think there’s been a tree’s worth already this week. It’s also the time for last minute school plays and field trips and of course the most memorable big event of May….can anybody guess what it is….it’s my absolute favorite day of the year (insert lots of sarcasm). Yes, it’s time for Track and Field Day.

Last night Cade told me his stomach hurt. He still doesn’t quite understand the different kind of stomach pain – is it stomach flu throw up hurt, cramping, nervous tummy, etc so I was questioning him about how it felt. He said it felt like he was on a roller coaster. I asked him if he was nervous about something. He said yes, that Track and Field Day was Friday and it was making him nervous. Talking to him took me back 25 years. It’s like carrying on a conversation with myself in the 1st grade. Poor kid….

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Anonymous said...

So will you let him skip school? I'm sure you would have loved it if mom and dad let you that, but no- they were there with the video camera:)