Friday, May 1, 2009

Coach's Son

My good friend Sandra has two boys who have played baseball on some pretty competitive teams. I've heard all sorts of stories about these baseball teams, the coaches, the coaches kids, etc. Since I'm not a big sports fan they are all pretty much horror stories to me, especially how the coach's kids are sometimes treated differently. Well I learned last night that Cade is not the typical coach's kid.....

He's playing co-ed coaches pitch baseball again. Last night was the first practice that I've gone to (they've only had two others so I'm not that terrible of a mother). I was standing by a set of parents that I had never seen before so they probably had no idea who I was either. Cade happened to be playing catch with their little girl, who by the way is quite a bit bigger than the other boys on the team. Cade turns into such a goofball when he's out on the field. He twirls and dances and flitters around while he's supposed to be playing. Cade also got the best of mine and Jay's talent for sports so when you add in the fact he's not paying a bit of attention you can imagine what he looks like out there. So Cade and this little girl were playing catch and he couldn't catch the ball and when he threw the ball to the girl it wasn't making it all the way. The little girl got ready to throw it back but she stopped and turned around and asked her parents "should I take it easy on him?" Her parents responded with "NO, he needs to learn how to catch the ball". I couldn't decide if I was irritated with the parents or mortified that a girl thought she needed to take it easy on my boy......I still can't quite decide how I feel but Jay and I did have a good laugh over it last night.

Then I was standing there watching two of the other boys on the team. They are brothers and you can tell that their dad has spent a lot of time playing with them. They are two very good little players. I think one of the main differences between them and Cade is that they want to play ball. Cade could care less. He wants to play, but he doesn't want to play like those boys do. While I standing there watching those two boys I missed Cade's next stunt....

He walked up to me rubbing his head and he was absolutely filthy. I couldn't figure out why because just a few seconds ago he had been standing in the middle of the field. As far as I knew the ball hadn't been hit in his direction. He had mud all over his arms, up and down his legs and he had the closest thing to a grass stain on the top of his head that I've ever seen on hair. I asked what happened. He bent over to look between his legs and he lost his balance. I think he toppled over and landed on his head. Nice. He got dirty at practice, not by practicing but by goofing around. Yes, he is the coach's son.

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