Monday, October 28, 2013

Excuse Me Ma'am

Just have to quickly share this because I thought it was so cute. Last night I was hanging up clothes in Camryn's room. She was walking around holding a book and jabbering to herself. All of a sudden I realized she was saying the same thing over and over and looking at me. She said "excuse me ma'am, I need this toy in the den." The excuse me ma'am was definitely a new thing. Also calling our family room the den was new. Jim and Sharon have a room that they call the den so I know that's where she had heard it before. She seems like she is growing up more and more every day.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Things that make me wonder if I'm losing my mind....

I think this is stress related. I say that because every muscle in my neck and back is like a stretched out rubber band. When you press on my shoulder muscles it feels like rocks. Ok - I hope this is stress realted, because some of it is a little concerning. If you all notice me doing weird things please let me know. I keep asking Jay everyday if I seem weird. He just rolls his eyes... 

1. The last two times I've been at Wal-Mart the poor cashier has had to chase me down with a forgotten bag. Last time it was eggs. The time before that it was a whole sack of stuff. Which in Wal-Mart terms was like $50. What is also embarassing is that they finally caught me at the door. Were they yelling "Ma'am" the whole time and I didn't hear them? So besides worrying about my mind that also has made me wonder if I'm also losing my hearing? 

2. I keep having the same internal conversation with myself, over and over and over. Yesterday Ryan asked me through email to order an appraisal. Every time I'd think about needing to do it I would have the same thought....he didn't tell me who to order it from...did I miss seeing where to order it from....I need to find out....oh wait, it is the kind of appraisal I need to order centrally. I probably repeated that same thing 10 times in my head yesterday. 

3. I re-read what I type and I don't seen to be even useing the correct words. Or I leave out sentences that make the whole email a confusing mess. I had to change three of four different words in just the last three lines on this blog post! 

4. I'm possibly telling and re-telling the same story to the same person repeatidly. If that person happens to be you, please let me know. Don't just smile like you've never heard it before and then talk to your spouse about what a nutjob I'm turing in to. 

Now that I think about it some of it could be hypothermia. I spend a lot of the day shivering because my office is so cold. Right now the A/C is blowing down on the top of my head. It is hard to hit the right letters on the keyboard when you can't feel your fingers. Ok - I'm going to go with the hypothermia excuse. But if anyone is looking for a office warming gift (like literally an office warming gift) here are some ideas... 
A coat...preferably one made out of a bear hide. 
fingerless gloves 
a fire pit...pretty self-explainatory 
Ear Muffs or hat with the ear flaps Scarves, because they are a "hot" accessory right now - like in they make me sweat sometimes but they are also really in style 
Some of those cute boot socks because I wear boots almost every day in the winter and they are stylish but would also add another layer of warmth 

Ok, when I re-read what I just typed above I had to change several words. I think my shivering is causing my fingers to jump around to the wrong line of keys on my keyboard. Yep - I'm definitely dignosing myself with work induced hypothermia. I'm sure in office buildings across America it is extremely common.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Someone got a haircut last week. I love bobs on little girls. Camryn's hair was
Getting a little unruly and Jay asked me to cut it. So we cut quite a bit off but I think it looks cute. 

This was at the pumpkin patch right before the cut. 

This was after the cut. Of course she had not interest in letting me take a
Picture Sunday morning. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

People Watching at a 10 & 11 Year Old Football Game...

Or maybe I should call it Parent Watching...

Cade was on a good football team this year. Whenever his class is with the grade behind them they are great. Two years ago they won the Super Bowl (Cade is still upset he didn't play that year). This year (until today) they were undefeated. When Cade's group is with the grade ahead of them they (to put it gently) stink. I can't remember their record last year but they didn't win many. And I think we all still have nightmares from the flag football year when we got humiliated every game in Mt Vernon. But I think everyone expects big things from these 5th and 6th graders. So it was quite disappointing for a lot of people today. And, in case someone who reads this is offended by my observations, just remember this is all relative. I may not have cared today but when Cade is on an awesome FFA team and if they would happen to get beat I would be disappointed. 

So with my disclaimer done just let me say Holy Cow!!!  It was a mixture of disappointing and funny today. Quite honestly I was embarrassed and a little sad for some of those parents. And I said some. Obviously I didn't witness the reactions of all of them- just the few I was fortunate enough to be siting within ear shot of. 

Holy Cow. It just had to be said again. You would have thought someone's life hung in the balance on the outcome of today's game. I'm not sure I've seen adults use such terrible language over a game. These parents were angry that we lost. I heard every cuss word imaginable. Even the F word was used in the bleacher directly above where Camryn was standing. It is good thing it wasn't uttered again because this Mama was going to tell him not say that in front of my baby if it was. Jay is probably thankful he didn't have to pull my hands off is this man's throat. He was about to get a letter delivered in person!! I also heard plenty of foul language coming from a couple of men who paced the field the whole game. It was definitely not a classy way to end the season. 

What made me sad for them is that I really think there are a lot of parents who are reliving their HS days through their kids. I wonder if the best days of their lives happened when they played football? That is sad. We hope for such more for Cade then that. If he wants to play football that is great. We will support him in everything...but does that define him or change how Jay and I feel about him?  Absolutely not. Mr F man used that word about a kid that did something he shouldn't have done on the field. Of course I have no idea what it was. The man said something about how if he (meaning the man) had done that in HS he would've got his A** kicked. And that there sums up a lot of the mentality I witnessed (or heard) today. These poor kids aren't in HS. They are 10 and 11. And they are still babies with their whole lives ahead of them. Their whole lives that can be filled with so many wonderful things that today will just be the tiniest blip in their timeline. 

Now that I'm off my soapbox here is the funny part. Jay was standing somewhere
else. When the writing was on the wall he came sat down beside me. I told him he had better grab Camryn as soon as this was over so we could escape the brawl. I  also asked (in a whisper) if we were the only ones happy. That then made me laugh. I'm pretty sure I was the only parent who laughed at that moment so I figured I'd better straighten up. 

Yes , I am not a football mother. Actually I'm not a sports mother...or even a sports person at all. I'm probably the only HS cheerleader in America who secretly hoped her team would loose all of their tournament games. Sheldon boys held the record for the most losses in Missouri for several years. But of course we would seem to win every tournament game that meant we would have to travel back on a Saturday. So after some deep soul searching I think my issue is with sports that screw up my whole Saturday....but then I'm also not big on games during the week either when I've worked all day and then have to work the next day...or when it is too hot or too cold...or when I can't decide on the right outfit- you know that mixture of cute casual, etc. Yeah, it's
Just not my thing. But that is ok because other parents probably won't obsessively refresh Judging during March.  That is more the "thing" for us. 

I also had to laugh when Cade told me all  but 5 of the boys were crying after the game. Three of the ones not crying were Cade and two brothers (3 of the benchwarmers). The mom of the two brothers told me that the boys had asked her that since they joined band did that mean they didn't have to play football anymore. She told them to not ask their dad that question. I still laugh about that story every time I think about it. So I wasn't surprised they weren't upset. And obviously the Shepherd's weren't crying. While Jay was listening in at the huddle I was trying to figure out how to keep from dancing a jig all the way to the van. Then Jay came back from the huddle and announced we had yet another
game Tuesday night. Our season was in fact not quite finished. So the Shepherd's weren't exactly tear free either after the game. 

And another clarification so I don't sound like a complete bore. I enjoy games and socializing. I also enjoy the a cool night and the band playing, etc. I like the atmosphere. It is the actual game that bores me. I can't follow it and I loose track of Cade all the time. All the time. Jay is constantly having to tell me "he's in."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Diary-How the Transition is Going...

Day 1
Camryn was sick, Jay stayed home with her. I was late to work because the ramp to get on I44 was closed. I had to detour through Halltown behind a car going 50mph. Oh well...I decided I might as well not start under any false pretenses. I will rarely be early. I wore a new dress and the buttons kept popping open. Thankfully Tera had safety pins. We had our first "issue" concerning how things were down differently between the two offices. Pam had a miserable day because of that. 

Day 2
We cleaned out Mt Vernon and got to work late. The differences between the two offices reared up even more. Poor Pam was in tears most of the day. I was about to pull my hair out. I also got the 3rd degree on lunch times. I will have to put my foot down on that one will set my lunch time. Im quickly learning that "go with the flow" or "back off it is only the 2nd day we've been here" is not part of some people's vocabulary.  If this continues I will have to start the letter writing campaign again.

Day 3
I went to the bathroom and for some weird reason I turned to the left instead of heading straight into the women's. I knew none of that felt right but it took me a second to process it before I could stop myself. I'm still considering this day a success because I did not actually go in the men's bathroom AND thankfully no one saw this go down. If someone had walked out about the time my nose was inches from the door I might had to find myself a different job. 

Day 4
Spent the day in Joplin. Being there gave me plenty of stories..which I won't tell. Jade can thank me later. I was called old and I dispensed more advice on wearing colored pants. All in all I'm considering Thursday a success. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Moving and Menopause

Menopause is scary. I used to worry about all kinds of diseases, but now I find myself worrying more about menopause. It is going to happen. There is nothing at all I can do about it. I'm even starting to see it's beginning stages suck the minds of some of my good friends. The only difference between me now and me 10 years ago is that I've developed more patience for it. Ten years ago I would've lost my mind. Today it still drives me nuts but I know in another 10 years I will be there. And it scares the heck out if me. 

I've heard horror stories about how it changes your ability to think. I experienced that last week. With all the packing it was easier for me to do a lot of it either myself or force Garrett to help me. Actually I didn't force- he willingly helped me sort and pack all 500+ files. Files that are several inches thick and could weigh 5 lbs. If he hasn't helped we would probably still be moving. The crowning point of the week occurred Thursday about 4. They showed up to take our computers. I had been saying for weeks (along with the continuous box count) that we needed to be packed up Thursday night. If the word box came out of my mouth it was usually followed by be packed up Thursday. A much loved
co-worker said "I had no idea we were supposed to be packed tonight. I thought I could do it tomorrow."  I quite literally almost fell over. Yeah...thats why I went over and over the packing/work plan for the week no less than 5 times. I think I averaged once a day.  I also think Jade  about lost it. She and I finished packing the rest of the odds and ends while someone else helped pack the nameless persons stuff. We managed to completely stress her out, which I felt really bad about- but it had to be done. That is where I am different than I was. Ten years ago I wouldn't have felt bad. Now I know that I'm 10-14 years away from having my brain work the same way. It seriously is scary folks. Did I also just type that in 14 years I will be 50???

Friday morning I got to the office about 7:15. There were already a few there and the rest trickled in a few minutes later. Except for the nameless person. I knew that would happen- so that's why I didn't want her to not be packed Thursday night. People would have been highly annoyed. She got there about the time the last box was loaded, which was still before 8am. I think my clock said 8:01when I pulled out of the drive. It was really sad knowing we were leaving Darrell. I am really going to miss him. He and everyone else headed to Joplin. Pam and I were the only ones who went to Springfield. 

We made it to Springfield and started unloading the rest if our stuff. And it was like I hit a menopausal brick wall. Out if the 4 of us who are in my position I'm the only one who isn't. And again it is scary. There was a lot of talk in how to merge the files, but no action. The others had other things going on so I started in it. I had to merge our files with theirs. I just prayed they would all do their own thing and leave me alone. I had a system. A few times they'd wander over and try...but I nicely tried to get rid of them. Then by the end if it, while I was sweating profusely I got a little sharp with the above mentioned no-named person. I told her to go do something else. Ok..this time I didn't feel so bad. My hair was sticking to my head because I was so hot...and yes, I know that is a pre menopause symptom. But we got things lined out and pretty much put away. There are some things just stuck in  drawers but I will slowly (and secretly) work on that. 

I am glad I was able to go to Springfield. I think it is going to be fine. I can get along with all if them- menopause and all. No, really they are some great ladies and it is going to be good. Our office is really nice and my desk is a lot  more comfortable than the one I had in Mt Vernon. Tera- now that we are working together take this story to heart. Remember that we may have a good 7-10 year run then things I mentioned above could start happening to me.  I will advance to their shoes and you will move in to mine. All too soon it will be me who's thinking is slower and I can't remember things as well.  Actually I don't want to admit this but I'm already noticing subtle differences in that area. Why did God design a woman to be such a complicated mess?  Figuring this stuff out when we are teens is awful...then we get a grip on it and we spend a total of several years pregnant with pregnant brain...we quit having kids but transition into raising them and being pulled in 599 different directions each day which makes me tired and mentally slow...we finally get them raised and out the door and then we hit menopause.  Hello hormones...I will be using the synthetic forms of you. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Liners

I was so tired last night that everything seemed hilarious. Of course you probably had to be there. 

Me:  Camryn, why don't you start using the toilet
Camryn: No it is blue
Me: ours are white
Camryn: Stacy's is blue
We did finally figure out that the toddler seat ring is blue. 

Camryn:  that is Bonnie, Clyde
Is a pancake and sausage

Me: Went for a walk tonight and Camryn wore those fake pink Toms. It was good until she face planted in the road. Those shoes don't fit right. It was like her feet were all over the place. 
Jay: what are Toms
Me: Bob's are a step down from Tom's but they are better than the fake Tom's
Jay: you are insane. That made no sense. 

After a blood curdling scream from Camryn while I was getting her ready for bed
Me: clearly that shirt did not come off as easily as it went on. I think I saw what you meant about her panicking when she lock jawed on the Little People. Both arms were stuck above her head and I couldn't get the shirt off. 
Jay: yeah, I had to unbutton it this morning. 
Me: oh....

Me:  I love outfits with monograms and names on them. If I could Camryn would wear something with her name on it everyday. 
Jay:  this isn't Laverne and Shirley, she doesn't need a C on everything she wears. 

I tried to move Jay out of my way so I could brush my teeth
Jay: oh you do not want to see how I can block with my butt. It was the only thing in basketball I could do right. In my whole career I only scored 2 points but by gosh I could block. 

I was obsessively updating Instagram because my fashion inspiration was selling some of her clothes and her kids clothes. She is the one who convinced me to buy colored skinny jeans....absolutely changed my life...anyway I did not want to miss the little girls clothes she was selling. So I was bleary eyed and my refreshing thumb was worn out. 

Me:  Cade!  It is 9:30, why are you still up?

I went back to my refreshing and he didn't make it into bed until 10. 

But I won a cute smocked Thanksgiving dress for Camryn....

Worn Out

Today I finally got a handle in the actual number of boxes we had. After
Packing up our 500 and some customer files I felt exhausted. I wasn't sure if I was tired so much as I was relieved to finally have the box thing off my back. I'm sure everyone is sick of me talking about boxes....but you seriously don't understand the pressure that was on me!!  So to recover I took the kids to McDonalds and now I'm laying on the couch. Also this week our checkbook and my waist is taking a big hit. We've ate out a lot. A whole lot  and I don't really care. Hopefully I can get back to normal next week. Oh and did I mention that I've also got a disassembled stroller and car seat in my kitchen?  There is a kids clothing sale in Joplin I'm trying to get ready for next week. Hey, thankfully I work better under pressure...except for tonight. Tonight I'm in box free bliss and completely exhausted!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Football Friday

This is our moving week so things are crazy. But here are some pictures from Homecoming last Friday...Camryn started out dressed so cute...

Camryn mus like the is what she looked like after one of Cade's games...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Box Woes

I woke up at 2 am this morning. It mostly was because I had gone to sleep in Camryn's room and she was slowly pushing me out of bed. But anyway, I started thinking about boxes again and had a mini panic attack that we were going to run out next week. When I got into work today I ordered 36 more. These boxes are slowly driving me insane. Most people have bad dreams where they are being chased by monsters. My dreams are filled with bankers boxes. Good heavens it is time to get this move over with!!!