Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Liners

I was so tired last night that everything seemed hilarious. Of course you probably had to be there. 

Me:  Camryn, why don't you start using the toilet
Camryn: No it is blue
Me: ours are white
Camryn: Stacy's is blue
We did finally figure out that the toddler seat ring is blue. 

Camryn:  that is Bonnie, Clyde
Is a pancake and sausage

Me: Went for a walk tonight and Camryn wore those fake pink Toms. It was good until she face planted in the road. Those shoes don't fit right. It was like her feet were all over the place. 
Jay: what are Toms
Me: Bob's are a step down from Tom's but they are better than the fake Tom's
Jay: you are insane. That made no sense. 

After a blood curdling scream from Camryn while I was getting her ready for bed
Me: clearly that shirt did not come off as easily as it went on. I think I saw what you meant about her panicking when she lock jawed on the Little People. Both arms were stuck above her head and I couldn't get the shirt off. 
Jay: yeah, I had to unbutton it this morning. 
Me: oh....

Me:  I love outfits with monograms and names on them. If I could Camryn would wear something with her name on it everyday. 
Jay:  this isn't Laverne and Shirley, she doesn't need a C on everything she wears. 

I tried to move Jay out of my way so I could brush my teeth
Jay: oh you do not want to see how I can block with my butt. It was the only thing in basketball I could do right. In my whole career I only scored 2 points but by gosh I could block. 

I was obsessively updating Instagram because my fashion inspiration was selling some of her clothes and her kids clothes. She is the one who convinced me to buy colored skinny jeans....absolutely changed my life...anyway I did not want to miss the little girls clothes she was selling. So I was bleary eyed and my refreshing thumb was worn out. 

Me:  Cade!  It is 9:30, why are you still up?

I went back to my refreshing and he didn't make it into bed until 10. 

But I won a cute smocked Thanksgiving dress for Camryn....

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Charity said...

I had no idea Jay played basketball!