Friday, September 28, 2012

A bit of Camryn cuteness

This post won't mean anything to anyone else.  I just want to record it because I thought it was so cute.

I use Bare Minerals foundation (which I love).  You shake it into the lid and swirl your brush around then apply it to your face.  Camryn was on my hip yesterday while I was doing my makeup.  I gave her a brush to play with.  Before she put it on her face she leaned over and stuck it in one of the lids I had open on the counter.  I thought it was so funny.  It shows you how much they do pay attention to what you are doing at this young of an age.  They are also very aware of their surroundings and have a much bigger understanding of things than some people give them credit for.

This morning she was full of it! She answered every question I asked with No!.   She was also repeating everything we said - not necessarily the words but she was imitating our tone.  Jay told Cade to get his shoes on and Camryn screamed Bubba Shoes!  I have a feeling Cade is going to be bossed around quite a bit. Since he kept asking her what she said (hoping she'd say it again) I don't think he will mind!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Confessions....

Another post for those of you who try really hard to be perfect but of course you aren’t and then you feel bad about it.

*I have no interest in weaning Camryn from a bottle. I enjoy sitting with her when we get home and relaxing for a few moments while she takes a bottle. Jay is highly disturbed by this…especially when he saw Camryn lovingly hug her bottle when my back was turned. He said we will start the weaning process as soon as we are home from Virginia. I’m not sold on that idea yet…..

*I struggle with being a submissive wife. My ideas and ways are “better”. I am working on this…it is a daily battle.

*My house, right at this moment , is a disaster. It is so bad that I don’t want to go home tonight. Camryn and I may just drive until we run out of gas. There were so many throw pillows and toys around the end table that Camryn got tripped up and hit her head. I had to, yet again, tell Stacy she might have a bump come up during the day.

*Every day for the last week and a half I’ve wondered if today is the day Cade is going to tell me he has no clean underwear. Our laundry is so out of control I don’t even want to begin.

*I probably have the messiest closet in America. No matter how much organizing, vowing to keep it clean, giving away old stuff I do it doesn’t help. If I had unlimited funds I’d pay someone to organize it for me.

*This morning Camryn may have ate a dried up piece of macaroni left over from her Shells and Cheese meal Tuesday night. I may have turned my back and let her do it…because I was trying to get out of the house and she was quiet and not attached to my leg.

*Every day I vow I will eat no more junk. Now, as I’m typing this, I have a Coke in front of me and I’m going to have to replace my co-workers Cheez-It’s before she comes back Monday.

*I don’t read my Bible nearly enough.

*I have treasured just almost everything with Camryn- even the yucky stuff like lack of sleep and dirty diapers. But one thing I have not learned to love…or really even like is bath time. I didn’t like bath time with Cade and I still don’t like it with Camryn. My first thought on Tue/Thurs nights is not “oh Jay and Cade won’t be home with us tonight” it is “darn football practice, that means I have to bathe her again.” I usually volunteer to clean up the kitchen after dinner while Jay does the bath. He doesn’t understand my dislike for it because she is so sweet and clean afterwards. I don’t disagree that she is sweet and clean…I just want someone else to do it for me and then hand me the dried, lotioned, diapered, combed, dressed bundle of sweetness.

*I have no idea how to parent a 10 year old boy. I don’t seem to be doing much of anything right. Or maybe it is him….he goes from sweet to ticked in seconds and I may or may not have even opened my mouth. I’m truly scared of age 13 and beyond.

I’m sure there are a million other things that I could confess but these are the ones I’m currently dealing with. At least now you will know you aren’t alone.

Monday, September 24, 2012

That's one way to be a starter.....

This weekend went too quickly!! We had our last Icebox event of the season so that kept us busy Friday night, all day Saturday and almost all day Sunday. This was really the first time I’ve worked it since this same event 2 years ago. I forgot what prime people watching opportunity it is. I had a book on Saturday but I was afraid I’d miss something that was walking past us. The other thing that has always floored me are the number of people who bring dogs to this sort of thing. I’m not against pets at all and maybe I’m a bit selfish – but good grief. I feel like just getting to an event like that is enough. Why would I want to bring a dog on a leash along with me? This thing should’ve been called Dogfest instead of Applefest. But I had saw it all when the dog wearing the purple tutu walked by. And don’t get me started on the people who have booths and a dog. Who has the time/energy/patience for that sort of thing?

Saturday Cade had a football game. My mom was here for the weekend so she kept the kids on Saturday so she could see Cade play. Since I saw Cade play last weekend I told Jay to go to the game and I’d stay at the booth but he had to send me text updates. The first one I got said “Cade started offensive line but they took him out after 3 plays.” I texted back asking how he played. Jay texted back that he was ok. I know nothing about football but I did think that was weird because I thought Cade was usually a Defensive Lineman. I shrugged it off and went back to people watching. After the game and the Applefest shut down for the night I met them in Mt Vernon for dinner. I asked Cade how the game went and this is what he said….

It was so embarrassing and it was the coach’s fault. He told me to start on the offense. We made 2 or 3 plays and then Coach J realized we had 12 players on the field so they sent me to the sidelines. He asked why I was on the field and I told him Paul told me to go in. Coach J said that Paul didn’t either say it. Then later on when I was supposed to be out there they realized there were 12 players again. This time I just told them I’d set out so I had to run off the field again.

I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage to Cade but when he told us that story and we figured out the only reason why he started when he did was because he put himself in the game, I laughed so hard. I laughed even harder when Jay said “well I guess that’s one way to make sure you start.” By the time we were done even Cade was laughing. I think being able to laugh at your self ranks right up there in highly important personal attributes. I’m really trying to teach Cade that and he is finally coming around. I mean, he started the game…and he wasn’t supposed to. And it took 3 plays before anyone realized Miller had 12 boys instead of 11 on the field. Then when he really was supposed to be in the game he took himself out.  That is pretty funny stuff.

As for who’s fault it was I still think that could go either way. I could completely see Cade misunderstanding the coach. I could also see the coach getting confused and sending in the wrong kid. Who knows.

But regardless our kid started both offense and defense Saturday night. Take that other sports crazy parents!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rain Dance

These were taken almost a month ago.  We were so excited to finally see some rain!!  I'm not sure when the last time it had rained prior to this, but it was early in the summer.  Jay was pretty excited about it so I think his excitement carried over to Camryn.  She screamed and squealed and ran back and forth in the rain.  It was the first time in her almost 15 months she had seen that much rain.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Goose Egg

I don’t have a picture of Camryn’s head and I’m not sure one would even do it justice, but she had a huge goose egg Wednesday night.

It started that morning. When she woke up she had a bump. I couldn’t remember her hitting her head the night before. I thought maybe it was a mosquito bite because those get huge on her and she’s had some on her head that looked like bumps. I know she didn’t cry about hitting her head– but she doesn’t always cry so I could’ve missed her hitting it. Then when I was opening the car door that morning I didn’t realize she was right behind me and the door hit her in the head. I thought that I probably gave her a matching bump on the other side of her head. When I dropped her off at Stacy’s I told her I didn’t know what the one bump was but Camryn might have another one come up on the other side of her head.

I picked Camryn up that evening and got home and everything was fine. She still had the original bump but she didn’t have a mark from the car door. I was on the phone with my sister and Camryn was on the floor in somewhat of a prayer/worship looking pose with her head on a pillow. She raised her head up and then smacked her forehead into the pillow. We heard it smack on the floor. She got up like nothing had happened. A few minutes later she got on my lap and the bump on her head was enormous.

Jay and I had about a 10 minute panic attack over this bump. I worry more than Jay so for me it wasn’t anything new, but Jay doesn’t usually get worked up. We also weren’t really thinking about her hitting her head on the floor because it was on a pillow and it didn’t seem to bother her at all. We were asking each other if the bump had grown all of a sudden? Was it that big when I picked her up? Wouldn’t I have noticed if it was that big? Did she have a growth on her head? The bump when she fell out of the cart at Sam’s wasn’t nearly that big was it? Jay told me to call Stacy to see if she had noticed it growing during the day. Stacy said she didn’t think it had grown but that she had thought it looked more like a bump than a bug bite. Finally common sense set in and we started thinking clearly. I got in the same position on the floor Camryn had been in and put my head on the pillow-we didn’t hear the smacking noise. Then I used my hand to hit the pillow hard enough to hear the noise. Yup, she definitely smacked her head hard to have made that noise. It’s a good thing the pillow had been there or she may have knocked herself out. We decided she had hit the same bump again and that’s why it got so big all of a sudden. She almost gives herself a concussion and she doesn’t cry….but Jay tossed a foam football at her and she bawled when it hit her. She is so inconsistent!!!

Later on I realized a conversation that had taken place during the 10 minute freak out and it made me laugh. Cade said “mom, remember you hit her in the head with the door this morning”. I calmly said “no, that was on the other side of her head”. If Camryn ends up as Salutatorian instead of Valedictorian we will be able to trace the cause back to the Summer of 2012. I’m afraid she’s going to start loosing IQ points if this continues.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mud, mud and yet more mud.

**Edited to add that if you don't remember from some of my earlier rants posts, Cade's football pants are white.....

Friday night we went to Fayetteville so Jay's grandma could see the kids for a little bit.  Our plan was for me and the kids to leave Saturday at 2 to make it to Cade's game at 4 in Jasper.  We had a nice surprise while we were there - Jay's Aunt, Uncle and one of his cousins came from Chicago to surprise Nana for her birthday this next week.  I hated that we had to leave early, but we had a game to make it to.

I had mentioned earlier that I thought the kids would be mudballs.  When I wrote that I never imagined the amount of mud that was actually there.  I had visions of some wet spots - maybe some mud on our pant legs or shoes.  Holy Cow!!! I've never dreamed it would be as muddy as it was.  There was an area in front of one of the bleachers that reminded me of our barn yard when it rains.  If I had known it would be that bad I would've wore my rubber boots.  Instead I wore flip-flops.  My theory is I'd rather get my feet and $2 flip-flops dirty than my good shoes.  But a couple of times my flip flops actually got stuck in the mud.  There were some areas that were so wet the water was up to my ankles.  I didn't have to worry about Camryn getting dirty because there was no way I could put her down.  This was more than just not wanting your kid to get dirty.  It kept her from getting stuck or worse.  I couldn't even imagine putting her down on the ground.  She seriously would've resembled a pig.  I saw one little girl, probably about 3, who was so covered in mud you couldn't tell what she was wearing.  I had no idea if it was shorts, pants, jeans - she was solid mud.  During the game Camryn did manage to throw into to the mud below us her football twice, her sippy cup and her bottle.  We went through a lot of wipes!!!

Cade's game was good.  From what I could tell he did a good job.  I know nothing about football so I wouldn't know one way or the other.  He is a little easier to spot this year.  The boys are getting older and don't look as much alike.  He did start so I was proud of him for that.  Of course he loved it.  I'm sure I'll be sitting through several more football games in my life.

I think deep down inside I must have some southern roots because the whole dressing up for the SEC games is growing on me. There are a lot of cute clothes out there. If I was 15 years younger (and .... pounds lighter) I'd really be in to it. Instead I'm going to dress up Camryn. She has a couple of Razorback dresses that we need to wear this fall. I put one of them on her for the game and she wore it to Cade's game. I really didn't think anything about it until someone mentioned that she was wearing a dress at a football game. Then I got to thinking about it....she was wearing a bright white hairbow with her dress. I'm sure everyone thought I was a nut...flip flops in ankle deep mud and a girl in a dress with a white hair bow. Oh well...we actually ended up leaving cleaner than I would ever have bet on when we first got there. And Camryn's bow was just as pristine after the game as it was before. Maybe she has some southern roots to? Maybe she will be one of those people who always look good and clean even when they've been in a dust storm.

I was able to get my feet pretty clean after they dried.  We were still able to go out and eat with Dad, Lynn, Charity, Avery, Lawson and Charity's friend Courtney.  It was definitely one of those nights where we made some memories.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've never been political on this blog, but most of you who know me (and more specifically Jay) know where our political views lie.  Jay is a very outspoken Republican and we have the yard full of political signs to prove it right now.  I'm not outspoken about any of it, but the first Presidential election I voted in was 1996 and I've voted Republican every time.  This year will be no different.  Jay loves talk radio, Fox news, political books, etc.  What information I pick up about any subject is absorption from having that stuff in the background.  As you also know Jay and Cade spend a lot of time together so Cade is listening to that talk radio with Jay.  Jay is currently raising another generation of Republicans. 

Part of Jay's family does not share our same views, which is perfectly ok since this America. But since Politics and Religion are two of the hottest topics since the beginning of time we always reminded Cade to not mention politics when we go to Arkansas.  It is just easier that way.  Well yesterday I was getting Camryn ready in another room and I hear Cade voice his opinion not only on his political views BUT it also had to do with religion.  I was too far away to do anything about it, but I did not want to walk into that room!  I had to go in there though to get something and someone asked me what I was looking for because I looked stressed.  I was stressed because I was sweating from the political talk!  Jay's Aunt asked me (laughingly) if I shared the same views as my husband and I told her yes and that we had told Cade not to talk politics!  They laughed about it, but it could have been an uncomfortable situation!  But I am proud that Cade doesn't have a problem speaking his mind when it is something he believes in.  I really hope he carries that trait on through the rest of his life.

But since I'm on politics I want to mention this.  This is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart, obviously.  I'm sure everyone has heard how the Catholic church has sued because of the HHS mandate because of the birth control pill/morning after pill requirements.  I hadn't paid a lot of attention to it because I thought it was just that their insurance was being required to provide it.  I found out last week, after reading an article where Hobby Lobby is suing because of the requirement, that it is supposed to be provided without a co-pay.  So there are a lot of obvious things I could point out about this, like how it is doing away with personal responsibility in this country but I won't.  But it made me curious....are infertility drugs getting the same treatment.  It seems it would make sense that if you can prevent a pregnancy for free than you should be able to have the opposite for free.  From what I googled here is the answer I found - No, they aren't.  An unwanted pregnancy is considered a disease, but infertility is not.  Obviously the people who wrote the mandate had never even been close to someone who had experienced infertility.  Does it concern anyone else what may or may not be covered under this mandate????  It's more than just "insurance".  Who is paying for those "free" birth control pills???

I've decided I'm going to have to stay off of the internet and Facebook until the election is over.  Otherwise I'm going to end up on blood pressure medication!  I think the birth control pills are making me angry and causing me to go on more rants about politics and football coaches than ever before.  Thankfully both will wrap up about the same time.   

Monday, September 17, 2012

Something I've learned....

As I sit in my office, bored and restless out of my mind, wishing I had some music to help motivate me I've learned something.....

In a marriage you share everything, what is mine is his and vice versa EXCEPT for a phone upgrade.  From now on it will be every man for himself if his phone poops out. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

It is going to be a great day....

Regardless of the fact I had to get gas this morning and now one side of my hair is waved due to the rain.  I really wonder how some women look as good in the rain as they do on a normal non-humid day.  My hair certainly can't take rain, humidity, wind, sweat, etc.  Pretty much since I live in Mo I have about 5 good hair days a year.  But I digress.  I'm having a good day....

Because my phone seems to be long as I leave it upright.  At least this is allowing me to listen to music and later maybe I'll be able to use my other favorite app - the Kindle e-reader.  I never thought I'd enjoy a Kindle,  and I still don't want one,  but I do like having a few (free) books on my phone.  Why you ask?? 

Because it keeps me from looking like a complete nerd at sporting events.  Everyone would frown on me if I brought a book to a football game BUT when I'm just "checking" my phone like every other Facebook junkie no one can tell the difference.  So during those long baseball warm ups this summer people thought I was answering an email or pinning something to Pinterest.  Instead I was expanding my mind....with a fiction book of course.  I've never been one to like non-fiction books....

I'm thankful for the small things in life today!!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I think I’m drowning in football related stuff right now :). Between practice, games, Razorbacks (Jay had quite the tantrum during last weeks game), Madden 13 for the Xbox, Camryn (see below), etc. It is everywhere! I feel like the donut man. Instead of saying “I’ve got to make the donuts” I seem to be muttering “I’ve got to wash the pants – bring me your pants”. That’s something else I need to bring up to the head of the youth sports….once I’m through ranting about the lack of notice for practices, not getting a game schedule until we were at the 1st game, the one parent who is helping that shouldn’t be I’m going to ask him why in the world they picked the color white for their pants. You know I won’t actually say all of that stuff to him – it just makes me feel better to have these one sided rants in my head.

But the football bug has even got to Camryn. When Cade isn’t around she will tell you he is at football (wither he is or isn’t). She was looking at a book with eggs this morning and called them footballs. Jay and Cade were tossing the football around Monday night and she preferred to stay and play with them instead of walking with me. She growls when she sees the snorting Hog on a pennant in our garage and in Cade’s room. She squeals when they play Madden. I have a couple of Razorback outfits for her and she got excited when she noticed the Hog. And even I’ve tried teaching her to call the Hogs. So far 50% of the time I can get her to lift her arms up. But she will only do it for me. The first time I finally got her to do it I was so excited I started clapping really big. Now part of the time when you tell her to call the hogs she grins and claps. We will keep working on it.

Cade’s first game was last Saturday. Since he went to the 4-H judging contest (we committed to that long before we knew about football hence my earlier rant about lack of notification) this Saturday will be his first game. Somehow Jay gets to go to the Razorback game vs Alabama (including a full day of tailgating) and I get to go to a 10 year old football game with a 1 year old in tow. Something about that situation doesn’t seem quite fair….. Oh and I looked at the 5 day forecast – looks like rain tomorrow and Saturday. So even if it is not raining during the game it might have rained prior. I have the potential to bring home 2 mudballs. And if Camryn is a mudball that means I will be a mudball. You know when you put them on your hip and their feet are dirty and their legs are just long enough that their foot is rubbing back and forth on your butt…..Forget school colors. I think I need to buy a brown outfit.

But the one thing that makes all of this bearable…..Jay is no longer doing the HS football concession stand. The FFA had done it since the 50’s and this year they finally decided to give it up. I can not tell you how much of a relief that has been for us at home. I know Jay and Lyle are having a better year without that extra work from the stand. Just this week alone – if they had been doing the stand, they wouldn’t have got home until probably 11:00 pm Monday and Tuesday nights. I could just giggle with the glee of it all. Not to mention being gone to get supplies, losing class time to get it set up, etc. It is nice to have Jay home more

Monday, September 10, 2012

Milk! Bottle!

Camryn is still taking a bottle. I’ve decided to not stress about it for a little longer, at least until we fly to Virginia next month. I had thought (or really Jay had thought) we needed to start cutting her back. Which that works well for him, but with me it doesn’t so much. And from what Stacy told me, it doesn’t work so well for her either. We are too soft and we give in. But the more and more I thought about it, I really didn’t want to get on an airplane and fly for several hours with a kid who was in a transition stage. That would not only stink for me, but for everyone else on the plane. So for those flying AirTran the first weekend in October you can thank me later(cash donations would be accepted ).

But I have been trying to offer her sippys with milk some of the time…ok, I’ll be honest…. when I remember to do it. Yesterday I poured her a bottle for church and then also a milk sippy (and a water sippy). When we got to church I offered her the milk sippy. She took one drink and then reached for her bottle. Towards the end of the service her bottle ran dry. I gave her the milk sippy and she handed it back. Since she does seem to understand what we tell her really well I tried reasoning with her. I took the lid off of the sippy and showed her it was milk and it was the same thing that had been in her bottle. Mistake…. Before I could stop her she shoved her bottle, nipple side down, into the sippy and said “Milk Bottle”. We had a milk volcano. Those times are when I’m most thankful that we go to a small, very understanding, church.

Note to self – reasoning with a 15 month old who is smarter than you is not a good idea.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A New Phase

As a parent it seems like you are always leaving one phase and entering another.  In your mind you think that if I can just get past this phase the next one will be so much easier.  Then you hit the next phase and you're longing for the good old days of the prior phase.

I believe we've entered a new phase with Cade.  I'm putting myself out there with this one because I always think that people who read this will kid won't ever do that.  I'm here to tell you they will (if they haven't already).

We went through the bad word phase.  Maybe Jay and I are horrible parents - but there is just no way to shield your child from ever hearing a bad word.  I do think Jay learned his lesson after trying to watch the Dukes of Hazard (the movie version that came out early 2000's).  Cade was about 2 or 3 at the time and he picked up a couple of doozies from that one.  We had a few sweaty moments out in public during that phase, but we got through it.  I think we've gone over most of the basic bad words with him so we are ok there.

Lately we've moved on to phrases that aren't appropriate.  Not that any of the words are bad or that the phrases are just horrible - they just aren't the nicest things to say.  So far Cade has used these phrases around Jay.  I think after a few moments, once Jay's eyes go back in his head, they discuss how that wasn't a nice thing to say.  I think our theory is not to get upset or loose our minds over it.  We just casually tell him he shouldn't use that term any more - especially at school!

Then Jay comes home and tells me about and again I'm being totally honest - we have a really good laugh over it and then we move on.   But I do think it is highly important to never overreact because then I'm afraid Cade will never tell us anything.  Jay and Cade are going to a 4-H Judging contest in Columbia tomorrow.  I told Jay he might ask Cade if there are any other phrases he's been hearing that he is thinking about using in the near future.  It would be much better to get it out in the open in the car between the two of them then school or even worse - a church dinner. 

Oh the joys of 5th Grade. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye iPhone 3

I'm afraid I'm going to have to say goodbye to my much beloved 3 year old iPhone 3.  We've been through a lot together.  It guided us through Disneyland, received everyone of our adoption match calls, took the first pictures of Camryn, been chewed on and dropped more times than I can count, had water spill on if several times and still it kept on going.  Apparently though falling off of the treadmill and being shot off of the belt onto the garage floor was more than it could take last night.  My screen is now white with black lines.  Sometime the screen comes back, but not for long.  I'm really bummed because I had just found some .69 songs I was in the process of downloading.  It won't connect to my computer now so I haven't been able to download my new information. 

I knew our time together was getting short.  She was starting to have some issues and I knew I was on borrowed time, but I was going to keep her until the last possible second.  Now I'm in somewhat of a bind.  I let Jay have my upgrade earlier in the summer when his Blackberry pooped out.  Now he is not eligible for an upgrade until 11/23/12.  Not sure what I'm going to do.  I think AT&T should give me a break.  I was eligible for an upgrade for a very long time before I had to use it.  I doubt they will take pity on me though. 

I'm thinking about just going without.  I really won't miss the actual phone part because honestly I hardly use any of my minutes each month.    I will though miss the texting and my internet access.  What will I do when random things pop in my head that I want to google? 

We will see how long I can go without a phone.  I'm sure by this weekend I'll be trying to figure out something.  I'm ok without one, but I do worry about going places and not being able to get a hold of someone if I have car trouble.  But then I think back to all the years I didn't have a phone.  I never once got left on the side of the road so surely I can make it 2 months.....surely I can????

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More from last night....

Jay made it home in time from his meeting to get Cade. In other words Cade was not wandering around town and he walked into the house on both of his legs. He survived practice. Later in the evening Jay and I were talking about my great-grandparents. Jay made the comment about how times were different then and they needed to be tougher and harder than people are now. I said “yeah, they probably wouldn’t wanted to cry when they dropped their kids off for football practice”. Jay looked at me and said “you seriously almost cried?” Then he said “we will just say that it was the medicine doing that”.

My doctor said month 2 would be better than month 1 and month 3 would be better than month 2. He told me to just try and hold on and give it 6 months. I hope he is right….otherwise it will be a long 6 months!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A 10 year old and a 1 year old and the blahs....

Today I took Camryn back to the doctor to have her spots checked out.  He is calling them Chicken Pox.  Whatever they are thankfully they don't seem to be bothering her.  She probably has 10-12 spots mostly on the same leg where she got the vaccine.  I've heard that the incubation period is 7-14 days for Chicken Pox so I'm wondering if she could've even been exposed to them before she got the shot and this is all a coincidence?  I'm also thankful we have an awesome sitter who is usually not afraid of various skin disorders and diseases so Camryn will be going back there tomorrow.  Stacy would've taken her today after her appointment but quite honestly I was wiped out.  There is something about taking a young child to the doctor that exhausts me.  I did go into the office for a bit but Camryn slept through it and everyone there had already had Chicken Pox. 

Tonight Jay has a Ag Teacher meeting.  Again, I thankful that it is in Greenfield which is only about 15 minutes from Miller.  Cade has football practice from 6 until ??  I'm struggling a bit tonight with the whole 1 year vs 10 year old thing.  Tonight was a prime example of when it is hard having two 180 degrees apart.  Cade has practice, Jay is gone, it is still 95 degrees, practice is 2 hours, I don't think Camryn needs to be out in the heat, it is too hot to sit in the car, etc.  So I dumped Cade out and left.  I really, really hate doing that but I didn't have much of a choice.  I also don't need to have Camryn up there because her legs look terrible and it is too hot for long pants.  When someone would ask what was wrong with her I'd have three options...1.  lie  2.  ignore them  or 3.  tell them it could be Chicken Pox and then count how many seconds it took for them to find another place to sit. 

I blame the blah part on the birth control pill my doctor gave me last week.  My suspected endometriosis is acting up again so he thought we'd try this.  Tonight Cade fell asleep on the way into practice.  I thought I was going to cry when I looked back and saw him sleeping and knew I was going to have to dump him out in this heat and leave him.  I know millions of people do it every football season, but it bothered me tonight.  What if he breaks his leg and neither of us are there?  What if they let practice out early and he is wandering around town?  Thank goodness Cade doesn't read this blog or he would be really embarrassed to know I was worried about all of that stuff.  I asked him a couple of times if he was sure he was ok with me leaving him and he kept saying yes.  This darn pill!  I'm not sure the weepiness is any better than the endo symptoms.  Good grief...there are a few football mothers I've ran into over the years who would look at me like I sprouted another head if I admitted any of that to them. 

Camryn is now sleeping and I should be picking up the house but then I got a text from a work friend about an email that came out late today.  I feel hot and worn out and decided I'd blog instead of pick up.  Actually, I think I'm procrastinating.

Monday, September 3, 2012


It was suggested to me by a few different people to use Benadryl in Camryn when we fly to Virginia next month. Those same people also suggested we do a trial run of it prior to our flight since it can hype some kids up.

Today I used it on her. She finally got her 12 month shots in Friday. We can't decide if she has broke out in Chicken Pox or if it is a lot of mosquito bites. I figured if it was bug bites the Benadryl might help them.

Thank goodness I tried the Benadryl. Today has been wild! Clearly we have one of those who appear to be on speed with a tiny dose of Benadryl. And I mean it was a tiny dose because she spit a lot if it out.

She woke up at 7am, gave her the Benadryl around 11, she took a 30 minute restless nap and has been going like a crazy thing ever since. It is 9:06pm and I finally put her in bed with me to see if that would calm her down. She is training for the 2024 Olympic Gymnast team while I'm typing this. Several hours after the Benadryl dose I was asking myself why she was so insane and then it hit me. We will be leaving the Benadryl at home when we fly.

Im all for vaccinating my kids but I do not like this Chicken Pox vaccine. I've not had good experiences with either of my
Kids after they had it. In the 1 in 5,000,000,000,000 chance we have any more kids I'm going to delay that particular vaccine until they are a little older than 15 months. Or conveniently schedule myself to be anywhere but home after they get it.

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