Monday, September 24, 2012

That's one way to be a starter.....

This weekend went too quickly!! We had our last Icebox event of the season so that kept us busy Friday night, all day Saturday and almost all day Sunday. This was really the first time I’ve worked it since this same event 2 years ago. I forgot what prime people watching opportunity it is. I had a book on Saturday but I was afraid I’d miss something that was walking past us. The other thing that has always floored me are the number of people who bring dogs to this sort of thing. I’m not against pets at all and maybe I’m a bit selfish – but good grief. I feel like just getting to an event like that is enough. Why would I want to bring a dog on a leash along with me? This thing should’ve been called Dogfest instead of Applefest. But I had saw it all when the dog wearing the purple tutu walked by. And don’t get me started on the people who have booths and a dog. Who has the time/energy/patience for that sort of thing?

Saturday Cade had a football game. My mom was here for the weekend so she kept the kids on Saturday so she could see Cade play. Since I saw Cade play last weekend I told Jay to go to the game and I’d stay at the booth but he had to send me text updates. The first one I got said “Cade started offensive line but they took him out after 3 plays.” I texted back asking how he played. Jay texted back that he was ok. I know nothing about football but I did think that was weird because I thought Cade was usually a Defensive Lineman. I shrugged it off and went back to people watching. After the game and the Applefest shut down for the night I met them in Mt Vernon for dinner. I asked Cade how the game went and this is what he said….

It was so embarrassing and it was the coach’s fault. He told me to start on the offense. We made 2 or 3 plays and then Coach J realized we had 12 players on the field so they sent me to the sidelines. He asked why I was on the field and I told him Paul told me to go in. Coach J said that Paul didn’t either say it. Then later on when I was supposed to be out there they realized there were 12 players again. This time I just told them I’d set out so I had to run off the field again.

I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage to Cade but when he told us that story and we figured out the only reason why he started when he did was because he put himself in the game, I laughed so hard. I laughed even harder when Jay said “well I guess that’s one way to make sure you start.” By the time we were done even Cade was laughing. I think being able to laugh at your self ranks right up there in highly important personal attributes. I’m really trying to teach Cade that and he is finally coming around. I mean, he started the game…and he wasn’t supposed to. And it took 3 plays before anyone realized Miller had 12 boys instead of 11 on the field. Then when he really was supposed to be in the game he took himself out.  That is pretty funny stuff.

As for who’s fault it was I still think that could go either way. I could completely see Cade misunderstanding the coach. I could also see the coach getting confused and sending in the wrong kid. Who knows.

But regardless our kid started both offense and defense Saturday night. Take that other sports crazy parents!!!!

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