Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've never been political on this blog, but most of you who know me (and more specifically Jay) know where our political views lie.  Jay is a very outspoken Republican and we have the yard full of political signs to prove it right now.  I'm not outspoken about any of it, but the first Presidential election I voted in was 1996 and I've voted Republican every time.  This year will be no different.  Jay loves talk radio, Fox news, political books, etc.  What information I pick up about any subject is absorption from having that stuff in the background.  As you also know Jay and Cade spend a lot of time together so Cade is listening to that talk radio with Jay.  Jay is currently raising another generation of Republicans. 

Part of Jay's family does not share our same views, which is perfectly ok since this America. But since Politics and Religion are two of the hottest topics since the beginning of time we always reminded Cade to not mention politics when we go to Arkansas.  It is just easier that way.  Well yesterday I was getting Camryn ready in another room and I hear Cade voice his opinion not only on his political views BUT it also had to do with religion.  I was too far away to do anything about it, but I did not want to walk into that room!  I had to go in there though to get something and someone asked me what I was looking for because I looked stressed.  I was stressed because I was sweating from the political talk!  Jay's Aunt asked me (laughingly) if I shared the same views as my husband and I told her yes and that we had told Cade not to talk politics!  They laughed about it, but it could have been an uncomfortable situation!  But I am proud that Cade doesn't have a problem speaking his mind when it is something he believes in.  I really hope he carries that trait on through the rest of his life.

But since I'm on politics I want to mention this.  This is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart, obviously.  I'm sure everyone has heard how the Catholic church has sued because of the HHS mandate because of the birth control pill/morning after pill requirements.  I hadn't paid a lot of attention to it because I thought it was just that their insurance was being required to provide it.  I found out last week, after reading an article where Hobby Lobby is suing because of the requirement, that it is supposed to be provided without a co-pay.  So there are a lot of obvious things I could point out about this, like how it is doing away with personal responsibility in this country but I won't.  But it made me curious....are infertility drugs getting the same treatment.  It seems it would make sense that if you can prevent a pregnancy for free than you should be able to have the opposite for free.  From what I googled here is the answer I found - No, they aren't.  An unwanted pregnancy is considered a disease, but infertility is not.  Obviously the people who wrote the mandate had never even been close to someone who had experienced infertility.  Does it concern anyone else what may or may not be covered under this mandate????  It's more than just "insurance".  Who is paying for those "free" birth control pills???

I've decided I'm going to have to stay off of the internet and Facebook until the election is over.  Otherwise I'm going to end up on blood pressure medication!  I think the birth control pills are making me angry and causing me to go on more rants about politics and football coaches than ever before.  Thankfully both will wrap up about the same time.   

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