Friday, September 7, 2012

A New Phase

As a parent it seems like you are always leaving one phase and entering another.  In your mind you think that if I can just get past this phase the next one will be so much easier.  Then you hit the next phase and you're longing for the good old days of the prior phase.

I believe we've entered a new phase with Cade.  I'm putting myself out there with this one because I always think that people who read this will kid won't ever do that.  I'm here to tell you they will (if they haven't already).

We went through the bad word phase.  Maybe Jay and I are horrible parents - but there is just no way to shield your child from ever hearing a bad word.  I do think Jay learned his lesson after trying to watch the Dukes of Hazard (the movie version that came out early 2000's).  Cade was about 2 or 3 at the time and he picked up a couple of doozies from that one.  We had a few sweaty moments out in public during that phase, but we got through it.  I think we've gone over most of the basic bad words with him so we are ok there.

Lately we've moved on to phrases that aren't appropriate.  Not that any of the words are bad or that the phrases are just horrible - they just aren't the nicest things to say.  So far Cade has used these phrases around Jay.  I think after a few moments, once Jay's eyes go back in his head, they discuss how that wasn't a nice thing to say.  I think our theory is not to get upset or loose our minds over it.  We just casually tell him he shouldn't use that term any more - especially at school!

Then Jay comes home and tells me about and again I'm being totally honest - we have a really good laugh over it and then we move on.   But I do think it is highly important to never overreact because then I'm afraid Cade will never tell us anything.  Jay and Cade are going to a 4-H Judging contest in Columbia tomorrow.  I told Jay he might ask Cade if there are any other phrases he's been hearing that he is thinking about using in the near future.  It would be much better to get it out in the open in the car between the two of them then school or even worse - a church dinner. 

Oh the joys of 5th Grade. 

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Anonymous said...

Colton came home with some doosies around Cades age too. One of them was the phrase "pimping it".He didn't even know what it meant , he just heard it and it sounded cool. I explained to him what a pimp was. His eyes got big and he never used the phrase again!! It is funny to look back on.