Thursday, September 13, 2012


I think I’m drowning in football related stuff right now :). Between practice, games, Razorbacks (Jay had quite the tantrum during last weeks game), Madden 13 for the Xbox, Camryn (see below), etc. It is everywhere! I feel like the donut man. Instead of saying “I’ve got to make the donuts” I seem to be muttering “I’ve got to wash the pants – bring me your pants”. That’s something else I need to bring up to the head of the youth sports….once I’m through ranting about the lack of notice for practices, not getting a game schedule until we were at the 1st game, the one parent who is helping that shouldn’t be I’m going to ask him why in the world they picked the color white for their pants. You know I won’t actually say all of that stuff to him – it just makes me feel better to have these one sided rants in my head.

But the football bug has even got to Camryn. When Cade isn’t around she will tell you he is at football (wither he is or isn’t). She was looking at a book with eggs this morning and called them footballs. Jay and Cade were tossing the football around Monday night and she preferred to stay and play with them instead of walking with me. She growls when she sees the snorting Hog on a pennant in our garage and in Cade’s room. She squeals when they play Madden. I have a couple of Razorback outfits for her and she got excited when she noticed the Hog. And even I’ve tried teaching her to call the Hogs. So far 50% of the time I can get her to lift her arms up. But she will only do it for me. The first time I finally got her to do it I was so excited I started clapping really big. Now part of the time when you tell her to call the hogs she grins and claps. We will keep working on it.

Cade’s first game was last Saturday. Since he went to the 4-H judging contest (we committed to that long before we knew about football hence my earlier rant about lack of notification) this Saturday will be his first game. Somehow Jay gets to go to the Razorback game vs Alabama (including a full day of tailgating) and I get to go to a 10 year old football game with a 1 year old in tow. Something about that situation doesn’t seem quite fair….. Oh and I looked at the 5 day forecast – looks like rain tomorrow and Saturday. So even if it is not raining during the game it might have rained prior. I have the potential to bring home 2 mudballs. And if Camryn is a mudball that means I will be a mudball. You know when you put them on your hip and their feet are dirty and their legs are just long enough that their foot is rubbing back and forth on your butt…..Forget school colors. I think I need to buy a brown outfit.

But the one thing that makes all of this bearable…..Jay is no longer doing the HS football concession stand. The FFA had done it since the 50’s and this year they finally decided to give it up. I can not tell you how much of a relief that has been for us at home. I know Jay and Lyle are having a better year without that extra work from the stand. Just this week alone – if they had been doing the stand, they wouldn’t have got home until probably 11:00 pm Monday and Tuesday nights. I could just giggle with the glee of it all. Not to mention being gone to get supplies, losing class time to get it set up, etc. It is nice to have Jay home more

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