Monday, September 3, 2012


It was suggested to me by a few different people to use Benadryl in Camryn when we fly to Virginia next month. Those same people also suggested we do a trial run of it prior to our flight since it can hype some kids up.

Today I used it on her. She finally got her 12 month shots in Friday. We can't decide if she has broke out in Chicken Pox or if it is a lot of mosquito bites. I figured if it was bug bites the Benadryl might help them.

Thank goodness I tried the Benadryl. Today has been wild! Clearly we have one of those who appear to be on speed with a tiny dose of Benadryl. And I mean it was a tiny dose because she spit a lot if it out.

She woke up at 7am, gave her the Benadryl around 11, she took a 30 minute restless nap and has been going like a crazy thing ever since. It is 9:06pm and I finally put her in bed with me to see if that would calm her down. She is training for the 2024 Olympic Gymnast team while I'm typing this. Several hours after the Benadryl dose I was asking myself why she was so insane and then it hit me. We will be leaving the Benadryl at home when we fly.

Im all for vaccinating my kids but I do not like this Chicken Pox vaccine. I've not had good experiences with either of my
Kids after they had it. In the 1 in 5,000,000,000,000 chance we have any more kids I'm going to delay that particular vaccine until they are a little older than 15 months. Or conveniently schedule myself to be anywhere but home after they get it.

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