Wednesday, September 28, 2011

During those weeks leading up to going back to work I got asked a lot if I hated the thought of going back. Of course I always said yes, but it wasn’t always the reason why most people would’ve assumed. Don’t get me wrong, I miss Camryn and I miss being home with her. But really, I was ok going back. She has a great sitter so I don’t worry about her at all during the day. Also, I do like my job. I work with great people and for what I do and where I live and how far I have to travel – the pay and the benefits are good. In an economy where schools are seeing reductions in their funding every year, I feel it’s important for me to hold onto my job, especially since it fits into my life so easily. So everything on that front is okie dokie.

But, this has been one of those weeks that I knew would come and this is why I would always answer yes when asked if I hated the thought of coming back. I am exhausted – that type of exhaustion where your brain gets fuzzy and you can’t concentrate and all you want to do is lay down and take a nap but there are so many things that need to be done you find yourself coming and going. I also tend to think in run-on sentences during these times. There were many things that led to this feeling that I won’t bore you with them. Fussy baby, trip to KC, busy at work, etc. I’ve got that totally exhausted, overwhelmed, so behind I’ll never catch up feeling.

Sunday night Camryn and I didn’t get home from a visit to see my Great-Aunt in KC until after 8 and I was exhausted. On top of that I had to fill out Cade’s order form for the PTO fundraiser because it was due the next day. I was trying to decide what I was going to buy and figure my check,e tc. I also had to fill out his grade, which is Fourth. I started to spell it….f-o-u…then I thought, no it’s like forty. There is no u in it. So I scratched it out. Then I thought how embarrassing – they’re going to think I don’t know how to spell since you could clearly see I’d scratched out the u. I proudly turned in Cade’s sheet with fourth spelt f-o-r-t-h and the u noticeably marked out. Last night I filled out his book order and the amount was $14. As I was writing out the check for f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n I remembered the f-o-r-t-h incident. I was so embarrassed.

This week is a textbook example of why I dreaded coming back to work. And this incident was school/family related. Makes we wonder what kind of damage I’ve done at work.  Also, I blamed a lot of this feeling after having Cade on hormones.  Makes me feel even crazier to not have an excuse this time.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Someone got a new pair of shoes...

And she was pretty excited about them...

But don't let her smile fool you.  She is not a shopper...or a traveler.  I went with my mom to visit her Aunt in Olathe Ks Sunday.  It was a very long weekend for all of us.  Camryn threw too many red faced mad fits to count.  That girl's coloring can change quicker than anyone I've ever seen.  She has a touch of red to hair and I'm afraid she's getting the temper to go along with it. 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Food For America

Today is the day that the high school FFA kids bring in some of their livestock and show the elementary kids.  I think the purpose is supposed to be like the comes from a farm, not a grocery store, but there are always exceptions.  Someone brought a horse.  I don't like horses.  They creep me out.  A kid rode the horse for awhile and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing Cade and running away.  Again, I really do not like horses.  I asked Jay why they let the kids bring horses because horses don't have anything to do with food.  He said someone always brings a horse.  Anyway, a horse wasn't a planned part of this story, I just flashbacked to seeing that tall gangly thing with a person sitting on it's back.  No thank you....

Moving on to the real point of this story - Jay let Cade get out of class for a couple of hours to participate as a presenter along with his bull Bocephus (I have no idea how to spell that).  I left work for a little bit to watch Cade in action.  He is so funny when he's talking about cattle.  By the time I got there it was towards the end.  Luckily he was paired with two sisters, Ellen & Addison, who also show Hereford's.  It was lucky because they've spent some time around him so they know what he's like.  As in they know he talks.  All the time.  Going in to this day Cade's #1 fear was that they (as in the HS kids) would do too much of the talking.  By the time I got there Cade had heard their parts enough that not only was he saying his part, but theirs also.  I watched the last group go through and Ellen stepped out of the center of attention to count kids and hand out goodies.  I think she knew that there wasn't much left for her to say that Cade hadn't already said so she just stood at the side.  In the middle of the presentation Cade looked at her and said "Ellen, did you drop out"?  I had the video camera so I'm sure there are some snorts from me on there because he was so funny to watch.  Actually, he was kind of a bossy butt!  He bossed the 5th graders around and let them know when their answers were wrong.  At one point they were talking about how animal fat was used in makeup and one of the boys acted grossed out.  Cade said "I'm not talking to you I'm talking to the girls right now".  I told Jay that I hoped Ellen and Addison hadn't wanted to talk because Cade wasn't going to let them. 

But I love to see him do this kind of stuff.  I'm so glad he's not like me and terrified to talk to people.  If I'm at a work thing and we have to go around the table and say our names and what office we work at and how many years we've been at FCS I get nervous and rehearse it in my head. Like I don't know the answers to those questions!  I am so thankful because he seems to be an identical replica of me when it comes to his personality, except for this.  Jay and I really have no clue where his ability to talk to anyone comes from.  Jay is more outgoing than I am, but nothing like Cade is.  He's such a funny little guy! 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2nd post-placement visit and a cereal update.....

Last night we had our 2nd post-placement visit with Jamie.  It went fine.  Very short and sweet.  I spent more time cleaning the bathroom before than the whole visit lasted.  Sunday night I did start to get a little disgruntled with the whole deal.  Do you realize that every September since 2007 I've had to prepare our home for someone from the agency to visit?  I really was in no mood to clean Sunday so for a split second I got a little bent out of shape mentally.  Then I remembered something that Joyce Meyer says a lot....I'm not where I need to be but thank God I'm not where I used to be.  That was the little jolt I needed to remind myself that cleaning for a post-placement visit is a heck of a lot easier than cleaning for another homestudy update.  Saying that I was miserable with the whole adoption process last fall would've been an understatement.  It's hard to believe that things are so dramatically different a year later.  We have one last visit scheduled for December 12.  Then we finalize December 21.  I have not wished one single second of Camryn's babyhood away, but I am ready for finalization.  I hate to say I'll be glad when that day gets here because she will be almost 7 months old and more than likely she won't let me cuddle her as much...but I am so ready to be done with the agency and have Camryn officially be ours and know with absolute certainty that no one will be able to change that.  Nothing personal, I'm just ready for Bethany to not take up as much space in my mind as it has for years.  My first phone call to Bethany was December 2006.  That's 5 years exactly.

On the cereal front things are still touch and go.  Janella and Charity both suggested that I mix the cereal with juice or fruit.  I didn't have any juice so I tried it with fruit.  I think I need the juice to make it a little thinner, but I think the fruit has helped a little.  She at least seemed like she was rolling it around in her mouth before she started gagging and dry heaving.  I tried that last Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday night I wasn't in the mood for a fight so I skipped it.  Then Saturday-Monday evenings she was a bearcat.  I'm not sure what happened to my sweet baby, but she was replaced with a screaming grump.  I knew ceral those nights wouldn't not work.  At.  All.  Last night she gave Jay quite the dirty look and then started screaming.  He edged out the room and took himself outside for awhile.  It was bad.  The windows were open so I'm surprised the neighbors didn't come over to make sure we were ok.  I rubbed her gums for awhile and that seemed to help.  Too bad it wasn't still the 1960's....I understood why parents rubbed Brandy on their gums.  I'm sure it didn't help with the pain, it just made the baby pass out but at least they stopped crying....and she did all that after we told Jamie all those nice things about how wonderful of a baby she is. 

This morning I decided to try cereal again.  Camryn is in a much better mood in the mornings than she is in the evenings.  I think part of the cereal problem is that evenings are not the best time for her to try something new.  Today it actually went pretty well.  I saw her swallow a couple of times.  We may be making progress.  Then I remembered that we had Cade on a sippy cup at meal times at 4 months.  But he was also on a regular eating schedule and had mastered a spoon months earlier.  It's just not going to happen right now for Camryn.  Either I'm too old and tired or she is wearing me down, but there is no way I will be giving her  a sippy cup in 2 weeks.  Wears me out just to think about that fight.   

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Premieres

One of my "guilty pleasures" is TV.  I have some shows that I really like to watch.  There, I admitted it.  I know that watching TV is something that we sometimes are embarrassed to admit.  It's supposed to make us fat, lazy and dumb.  But we all do it.  I love it when someone claims to "not really watch much TV"  but they can still take part in just about any conversation that revolves around a TV show.  Part of my TV watching has came from the fact I've been in a different stage of my life than most of friends for awhile.  Most of the people I know have kids younger than Cade.  Having young children does limit the amount of time you spend watching TV...but you probably know every Bob the Builder and Disney movie by heart.  Since Cade has been on out of the toddler/baby stage for Y E A R S that has allowed me to have quite a bit of free time the last several years.  So I would watch TV.  Don't worry...I still keep my house clean, read books frequently and exercise.  Actually before Camryn we had a treadmill set up in the spare room where I could exercise AND watch TV at the same time.  That was great.  So, yes, I am excited that the fall shows start this week.  Don't call me at 7 on Wednesday.  I won't answer. I'll be watching The Middle. 

And this fall premiere obsession didn't fall far from the tree.  He loves Star Wars The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  Apparently cartoons have season cliffhangers and premieres???  All I heard about for weeks was "when is Friday, September 16 because that's when Clone Wars new season starts".  Cade spent the night with a friend and I had strict orders to record it.  He got to enjoy it Saturday night.  I put Camryn in the Bumbo AWAY from the TV. Left the room and then found them like this a few minutes later.  I may be fighting a loosing battle with keeping her from the TV.  Cade is a bad influence!  She did start crying a few minutes later.  It may have been the Bumbo but I'm hoping it was that she didn't like Clone Wars.  I'm really hoping that I may have one who will like things I do...not weird science fiction things. 

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


** I should preface this post with saying there are about a million different opinions on cereal floating around. It depends on what book/doctor/family member’s advice you want to listen to at any given time. I started Cade somewhere between 4-6 weeks taking cereal off of a spoon. Our doctor at the time was totally fine with it, but I don’t know that it would have mattered much. Since Cade or Camryn neither appear to have health concerns I tend to parent off of my gut and a good friends advice (Thanks Sandra!). Clearly if there were issues with them or their development I would follow those orders. I held off on cereal with Camryn because she didn’t need it to sleep like Cade did. Actually we were so desperate for Cade to sleep I would’ve fed him dirt if someone had promised me it would work. I’m going off of a mixture of my gut and what I did with Cade to get through these baby months with Camryn. And her doctor also told me to start cereal between 2-3 months and baby food between 3-4 months. It makes my life so much easier when the doctors go along the same guidelines I do! But every baby is different and every one has their own way of doing things, which is completely acceptable. I just don’t want anyone telling me I’m doing it wrong!!!

I’ve been working with Camryn on taking cereal off of a spoon for quite some time now. Actually, my first go round with her and the spoon was August 21. It did not go well at all. I tried again a week later, August 29, and got a little better reaction, but she still wasn’t ready. Then another week later, September 4, I decided it was time for her to start eating it at a regular time every night. Since I was going back to work and trying really hard to get all of us on a routine after a 12 week free-for-all it seemed the perfect time. It’s been a nightmare. She hates it. Absolutely hates it. At first I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought she just wasn’t ready. After Tuesday night’s incident I’m sure she is ready – she is just extremely stubborn! I mean really stubborn. For a girl who seems so easy going, she looses her mind when a spoonful of cereal enters her mouth.

Last week it was ok, but it wasn’t great. I’m sure most of you have noticed her double chin thing. She has this way of pulling her head down so that her mouth and her chin seem to become one and she growls at me. Seriously, she would growl and spit it right back out. Then somehow she would clench her toothless gums together and not let me get the spoon in. Sometimes I could coax a smile out of her and force it in then, but then she’d just growl again and spit it out. Maddening!

Last Saturday I decided to try the Oatmeal with Banana cereal from Gerber. When we got that for Cade he seemed to really take to the cereal. I thought that would be the answer to our problem. I think it’s made it worse.

Monday night I was in our chair with the ottoman and had Camryn propped up on the boppy facing me. I thought that maybe I should try feeding her in that position. Her head was back so she would have a harder time pulling her mouth into her chin and growling at me. That resulted in a lot of gagging. And I don’t mean the Heimlich Maneuver kind of gagging. I’m talking about the get this nasty stuff out of my mouth, it’s not what I want to eat kind of gagging. I stopped for the night.

Tuesday night I tried the same position but this time I added a bottle to the mix. I thought I could shove in a bite and then give her the bottle and she’d suck the cereal down with the formula. Again that was a disaster. I got in a bite and she started crying and refused to suck on the bottle. She just cried open mouthed for the longest time. I sat her up and told her she was being ridiculous and she just needed to swallow.  But still she cried.  Cade asked me if I knew that talking to her wouldn’t do any good. She cried and got mad and her face turned red and the vein on her head stuck out….Finally I put her back on the boppy and saw the cereal still stuck to the roof of her mouth. I used the spoon to scrape it out and she silenced immediately and went back to sucking on the bottle.

I think this is a slight peek into her personality. Jay thinks it’s just a normal 3 month old. I’m not disagreeing with that, but I’m thinking we may have a stubborn one on our hands.

I’ve tried thicker, thinner, flavored, high chair, no high chair. Anything I can think of. I may have to consider myself defeated with the cereal and move onto baby food. It’s not like it can get much worse.

Did I mention that I had to use the spoon to scrape the cereal out of her mouth?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little man to man advice....

This past weekend Jay took Cade to a cattle show in Pleasant Hope. Camryn and I had made other plans for the day several weeks ago so we didn’t go. Last night was the PTO Grandparents Night at school. On the way there Jay and I were discussing the cattle show…

Jay asked me if he had mentioned the lady there that was a fan of Cade. She kept going on about how cute he was, how well he did with his cattle, etc. Cade overheard this so he wanted to know what lady it was. Jay was starting to explain who it was when Cade piped up and asked if she was ugly. We were both a little taken back by that question. Jay said “what are you talking about? She was a normal lady – just another mom at the cattle show”. Then Jay also added “And a little man to man advice here – don’t ever ask if a woman is ugly”. Jay went on to say that the lady had a camera around her neck. Cade said “oh, I know who she was…she was sort of in the middle”. Again Jay and I were floored…What do you mean in the middle?? Then I said something to the effect that I’d hate to hear what Cade says about me when I’m not around. Then Cade started stuttering and stammering around and he started getting defensive. Jay said – “you know that confused feeling you have right now? That’s exactly why you never comment on a woman’s appearance if it’s negative.”

We went on a little farther and my mind drifted to my fall decorations that are on the kitchen table. I’ve slowly been working on those this week. I asked Jay if we got home in time and if we felt like it, would he help me with the leaves in the kitchen. I put leaves along the tops of my cabinets every fall and greenery with lights at Christmas. But I always have Jay help me. I have a fear of heights and I have to stand on the counters to do it. Not to mention the tiny ledge I have to walk on around the sink, etc. I always want someone at the house when I do that because otherwise I’m afraid they’d come home to me sprawled out on the kitchen floor. Jay said he would and then I went back to my own thoughts. I fast forwarded to being old and having to wait until someone would come to my house to help me….which means I’ll have to leave the greenery up until March and then catch someone about July or August to put up the leaves. So last night after having that 30 second daydream I asked Cade if someday he’d come back and help me put up my leaves. He paused for a second than said “I’ll have to think about that.” I told Jay we were raising a real catch for any woman.

Oh, these pre-teen years are just wonderful. Makes me so excited for the teenage years.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Backup-Sip & See

On August 7th Charity and my friend Leslie hosted a shower for Camryn. It was so nice to be in the church I grew up in celebrating Camryn's birth with my family and close friends. It was a great day. Thank you Charity and Leslie! I know it was a lot of work, but we really appreciated it.

Unfortunately I forgot our camera. Here are a few shots from my phone...

The guest of honor looked so pretty in her pink dress.

Aunt Jeanie getting to know Camryn.

Aunt Helen

All the gifts

Leslie and Josie. Josie is exactly 6 weeks older than Camryn. It
Will be fun having a friend to go through this raising a girl with.

And Lawson wrestling Cade not once but twice that day. Lawson is like a banty rooster.  He doesn't have a clue that Cade is 8 years older and 70 pounds heavier than him! 

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Months

 Camryn was 3 months last Saturday.  So I'm only a week behind on updating her current stats.

She has changed a lot between 2 & 3 months.  She is now playing with her feet all the time.  As soon as you lay her on her back both feet are up in the air and she will grab them.

Also, as you can see from all of these pictures, if her feet aren't in her mouth then her hands are.  She is constantly sucking and chewing on them. 

We've also started consistantly trying to feed her cereal every night.  And I use the term feed very loosely.  Really, I think she could care less about it.  Usually I pop the spoon in when she has a smile and she keeps that open mouth look for  a bit until she swallows a quarter of it and spits the rest out.  We've been putting cereal in her bottles since the first of August but I've been trying to give her cereal on a spoon while we are eating dinner.  We'll keep working on that skill. 
The week before I came back to work she had a very snotty nose with a cough and sneezing.  I figured it was a cold or allergies.  I wasn't going to take her to the doctor but Charity suggested that I should.  I decided that was a good idea.  I'm used to having a 9 year old.  When he gets a snotty green nose I always give him a time frame....if that's not looking any better in XX days then I will call the doctor.  I was forgetting that little ones need to go before it gets bad.  I'm so out of practice!  So I loaded her up and took her to the doctor.  And she either had a cold, allergies or possibly teething.  But at least I was able to start work Tuesday without wondering if she had pneumonia or something.  And it also gave me a chance to have her weight checked...13 lbs and 6 oz! 

The day she turned 3 months old we put her in the Miller Fall Festival Baby Show.  The outfit she has on in these pictures was her "show" outift.  My plan was to get the biggest bow I could find to attract the judges attention.  It must have worked because she won 1st place!  I think Jay was pretty proud of the plaque. That afternoon I took a nap and I could hear hammering.  When I woke up Jay said he didn't know where I wanted the plaque but it was going on her wall for now.  After hours and hours of decorating her room it's not exactly where I would've placed it, but I'll rearrange it later. 

She hasn't rolled over yet, but I think she is getting very close.  But her talking and screaming skills have improved.  She is starting to scream just to scream.  She is also able to hold her head up and she likes sitting on your lap with just your hands around her waist. 

I had to include this one with Cade.  He stuck his head in her first picture I took at 2 weeks so I have him do it on everyone.  He is still very proud of her.

Are you going to have anymore?

I’ve already been asked this question, actually several times. I’ve also been asked if we are going to adopt again. That one I can understand, but the other one…not so much. I remember that before the ink was dry on Cade’s birth certificate I was asked that question, only it was phrased when are you going to have more. They are lucky they didn’t catch me in the right PPD mood or I might have told them exactly when…it would’ve involved a temperature drop in a normally very hot place. Cade was three before I could even entertain the thought of wanting another child. That kid wore me out.

The first time I was asked if we were going to have anymore I don’t think Camryn was much older than 3 weeks. I hope I kept a normal looking face because I really like that person and I know they didn’t mean anything by it. But I felt like my jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes bugged out of my head. If only it were as simple as making a decision to have more….

Every one has their struggles in life, we all have our problems and issues, but infertility is one that completely strips you of your ability to make something happen on command. I know that God owes us nothing, but having a baby is an act of nature. It is the way our bodies were designed to operate. And when that doesn’t happen when you want it to, it just plain stinks! It is really hard to wrap your head around why that has happened to you. And I really don’t think until you’ve been through it you really understand how the overwhelming hurt of it all can actually take your breath away sometimes. Oh sure, plenty of people can and will sympathize with you because it’s our nature to hurt when those we love hurt, but it’s still not quite the same.

So will we have more kids? I honestly don’t know because I have no idea what God has planned for us. But I can say that after our 6 year ordeal I know He is in complete control of the situation. What I also know is that  Jay and I will never just decide to have another baby. I vowed during those 6 years that I would never again knowingly try for a baby once we finally had a 2nd child. Neither of us has any desire to go back to that waiting game. Will we adopt again? More than likely no. I don’t think I could knowingly put myself through that agony again. But who knows, if something were to sort of fall in our laps we might be open to it. We have left our name on a list with an attorney to call us back in a couple of years. I just hated the thought of closing every door on adoption…so we left a crack in it.

But all in all I am very happy. I’m just enjoying my life where it is at right now. Whatever happens will happen. But If I could make one request of God..if He does decide we need another baby someday I hope He doesn’t stick with the 9 year rule. Could you imagine….18 yr old, 9 yr old, infant, 43 yr old parents….that gives me chills.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Bus Story

It's been "that time of year" for a few weeks now.  Thankfully the weather has cooled off, kids are getting back into the grind of school, and thousands of yellow buses are travleing all over the place with sub drivers who have no clue where they are going.  Yes, fall is in the air.

Jay has already sub drove 3 or 4 times this year.  Every trip is usually full of laughs.  Or at least I laugh when he tells me.  I'm not sure he thinks it's quite as funny sometimes. 

One day he came home and said there was a boy on one route that if he were in his 30th year of teaching he would've jerked off the bus and screamed at him.  Thankfully, since Jay's not in his 30th year and we like it here, he refrained from doing that.  I really didn't take the story much farther at the time.  Jay didn't volunteer what happened and I got involved with something else and didn't ask.  A few days later we were walking around the festival and we passed a group of kids.  Jay made his irritated face and said he'd like to grab that kid and do some damage.  I asked why.  He said that was the kid that purposely told him the wrong way to go numerous times on the bus route.  It's really hard to not laugh over that kind of stuff because I can picture it so clearly...I'm sure most of you are also picturing Jay driving the wrong way on a bus and then having to turn it around...

We happened to get our 2011 Yearbook the same day he sub drove on another route.  He told me to turn to the 3rd grade page (which was Cade's class last year) and look for Nathan M.  The name did not ring a bell with me at all.  When I saw his picture I recognized his face but not the name.  Clearly he and Cade don't share the same interests because I've never heard him talk about this kid.  Jay looked at his picture somewhat in awe.  He said that kid knew the route like the back of his hand.  Every turn, every stop.  He led me the whole way.  Jay was clearly impressed.  A few days later this wonder kid got brought up again and we asked Cade why he didn't play with him.  Cade said he was kind of a troublemaker and he says bad words and watches inappropriate shows (his exact words).  All Jay could say was "but he knows that route like the back of his hand"....

Sub bus driving...the hardest $20 you'll ever make.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yesterday was my first day back at work. I guess it’s going ok. I have a good job, I work with people I like, I’ve been here 10.5 years so I’ve got a lot of good benefits built up (sick leave, vacation time, etc), and I have insurance, which with Jay’s job and the state of Missouri, is becoming ever more important….BUT, and there is always a but….it’s really hard to work and leave a baby.

We have a great sitter for Camryn, I’ve been able to leave her every day without worrying about her – at least outside of what mom’s usually worry about. Actually, that is what I feel the best about. I know Camryn is being taken care of very well. It’s the other stuff that bothers me. Like getting back into a cleaning, laundry, cooking routine where I don’t neglect my family. Or being worried about being so tired that I can’t function at work. Or the fact that I didn’t have one single bout of insomnia for 12 weeks, then Monday night it was like welcoming an old unwanted friend back – Hello insomnia…hello 2 am where my thoughts race around like hamsters on a wheel and I want to go back to sleep but I can’t because I’m worried about that loan I just did, did I figure the collateral right and how in the world am I going to get this week’s laundry done because we have a school function going on every night and why is Cade snoring, does he have apnea and should I be concerned about Camryn favoring her right side of her head and didn’t we get Cade’s fair check in the mail, where did I put it, did I throw it away, etc. I don’t know how many times I’ve been awake tearing through our mail basket and trash at 2 am because I can’t remember if I’ve paid a bill and what if it’s late and I get a late charge? That’s the stuff that bothers me about returning to work.

Actually, the insomnia is what really bothers me. I notice all these issues related to my health that I didn’t have when I was at home. Is it really healthy to be awake 3-4 times a week at 2 am for at least an hour? Why does stress do that to me? Things are fairly slow at work right now, so I’m not swamped. I think I should be able to get back into it without to much stress. So why the heck am I not sleeping at night??? Drives me crazy!

But then on the other hand I think that if I wasn’t working I’d probably still have insomnia eventually. There would be something that would come up to cause me enough stress I’d loose sleep over it. During the day I can fight off all those unwanted worries pretty easily, but there is something about 2am where it is very hard. But that is Satan’s plan, so I’ve really got to work on it. And I have to remember that I managed the baby stage with Cade just fine and I will manage this stage with Camryn just fine. But I am 9 years older so I may be just a little slower this time around.

But these two don’t seemed concerned about anything. Our highchair has wheels on it. After breakfast I was in our room finishing getting ready and I heard the wheels on the hardwood. This is how I found them. I’m not sure if Cade thought she needed the company or if he wanted the company – but either way he rolled her into the family room so they could watch TV for a few minutes. I have a feeling I’ll be fighting TV with this one a lot. Cade didn’t have a bad influence like he is to her when it came to TV.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Does this bear make my butt look big?

Like Cade said...She's showing her "bear" butt to the world!

I dont think she minds.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yesterday I got a huge box of great hand me downs from Kelly, a friend from college. I would link back to Kelly's blog but I'm on my phone. They brought home their daughter, Josie, from Russia earlier this year. Josie had some great clothes she was willing to share with Camryn. Most of them are winter and since it's 100 degrees here today I didn't think I should try them on Camryn. But I couldn't resist this hat, which also has a matching coat. Hopefully Camryn's head will slow down a bit or I'm not sure she will be able to wear the hat when the coat fits.

Does it not look like she is barely tolerating me and the hat?

Actually I'm not sure which one is tolerating more...Camryn wearing the hat or Cade being a part of torturing his sister (which is what he thinks any sort of head gear does to her)

Kelly, she really us excited...even if she doesn't look like it. Thanks so much!!!

Here is another one from earlier in the day. She's getting big!

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