Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little man to man advice....

This past weekend Jay took Cade to a cattle show in Pleasant Hope. Camryn and I had made other plans for the day several weeks ago so we didn’t go. Last night was the PTO Grandparents Night at school. On the way there Jay and I were discussing the cattle show…

Jay asked me if he had mentioned the lady there that was a fan of Cade. She kept going on about how cute he was, how well he did with his cattle, etc. Cade overheard this so he wanted to know what lady it was. Jay was starting to explain who it was when Cade piped up and asked if she was ugly. We were both a little taken back by that question. Jay said “what are you talking about? She was a normal lady – just another mom at the cattle show”. Then Jay also added “And a little man to man advice here – don’t ever ask if a woman is ugly”. Jay went on to say that the lady had a camera around her neck. Cade said “oh, I know who she was…she was sort of in the middle”. Again Jay and I were floored…What do you mean in the middle?? Then I said something to the effect that I’d hate to hear what Cade says about me when I’m not around. Then Cade started stuttering and stammering around and he started getting defensive. Jay said – “you know that confused feeling you have right now? That’s exactly why you never comment on a woman’s appearance if it’s negative.”

We went on a little farther and my mind drifted to my fall decorations that are on the kitchen table. I’ve slowly been working on those this week. I asked Jay if we got home in time and if we felt like it, would he help me with the leaves in the kitchen. I put leaves along the tops of my cabinets every fall and greenery with lights at Christmas. But I always have Jay help me. I have a fear of heights and I have to stand on the counters to do it. Not to mention the tiny ledge I have to walk on around the sink, etc. I always want someone at the house when I do that because otherwise I’m afraid they’d come home to me sprawled out on the kitchen floor. Jay said he would and then I went back to my own thoughts. I fast forwarded to being old and having to wait until someone would come to my house to help me….which means I’ll have to leave the greenery up until March and then catch someone about July or August to put up the leaves. So last night after having that 30 second daydream I asked Cade if someday he’d come back and help me put up my leaves. He paused for a second than said “I’ll have to think about that.” I told Jay we were raising a real catch for any woman.

Oh, these pre-teen years are just wonderful. Makes me so excited for the teenage years.

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