Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Months

 Camryn was 3 months last Saturday.  So I'm only a week behind on updating her current stats.

She has changed a lot between 2 & 3 months.  She is now playing with her feet all the time.  As soon as you lay her on her back both feet are up in the air and she will grab them.

Also, as you can see from all of these pictures, if her feet aren't in her mouth then her hands are.  She is constantly sucking and chewing on them. 

We've also started consistantly trying to feed her cereal every night.  And I use the term feed very loosely.  Really, I think she could care less about it.  Usually I pop the spoon in when she has a smile and she keeps that open mouth look for  a bit until she swallows a quarter of it and spits the rest out.  We've been putting cereal in her bottles since the first of August but I've been trying to give her cereal on a spoon while we are eating dinner.  We'll keep working on that skill. 
The week before I came back to work she had a very snotty nose with a cough and sneezing.  I figured it was a cold or allergies.  I wasn't going to take her to the doctor but Charity suggested that I should.  I decided that was a good idea.  I'm used to having a 9 year old.  When he gets a snotty green nose I always give him a time frame....if that's not looking any better in XX days then I will call the doctor.  I was forgetting that little ones need to go before it gets bad.  I'm so out of practice!  So I loaded her up and took her to the doctor.  And she either had a cold, allergies or possibly teething.  But at least I was able to start work Tuesday without wondering if she had pneumonia or something.  And it also gave me a chance to have her weight checked...13 lbs and 6 oz! 

The day she turned 3 months old we put her in the Miller Fall Festival Baby Show.  The outfit she has on in these pictures was her "show" outift.  My plan was to get the biggest bow I could find to attract the judges attention.  It must have worked because she won 1st place!  I think Jay was pretty proud of the plaque. That afternoon I took a nap and I could hear hammering.  When I woke up Jay said he didn't know where I wanted the plaque but it was going on her wall for now.  After hours and hours of decorating her room it's not exactly where I would've placed it, but I'll rearrange it later. 

She hasn't rolled over yet, but I think she is getting very close.  But her talking and screaming skills have improved.  She is starting to scream just to scream.  She is also able to hold her head up and she likes sitting on your lap with just your hands around her waist. 

I had to include this one with Cade.  He stuck his head in her first picture I took at 2 weeks so I have him do it on everyone.  He is still very proud of her.

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