Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Bus Story

It's been "that time of year" for a few weeks now.  Thankfully the weather has cooled off, kids are getting back into the grind of school, and thousands of yellow buses are travleing all over the place with sub drivers who have no clue where they are going.  Yes, fall is in the air.

Jay has already sub drove 3 or 4 times this year.  Every trip is usually full of laughs.  Or at least I laugh when he tells me.  I'm not sure he thinks it's quite as funny sometimes. 

One day he came home and said there was a boy on one route that if he were in his 30th year of teaching he would've jerked off the bus and screamed at him.  Thankfully, since Jay's not in his 30th year and we like it here, he refrained from doing that.  I really didn't take the story much farther at the time.  Jay didn't volunteer what happened and I got involved with something else and didn't ask.  A few days later we were walking around the festival and we passed a group of kids.  Jay made his irritated face and said he'd like to grab that kid and do some damage.  I asked why.  He said that was the kid that purposely told him the wrong way to go numerous times on the bus route.  It's really hard to not laugh over that kind of stuff because I can picture it so clearly...I'm sure most of you are also picturing Jay driving the wrong way on a bus and then having to turn it around...

We happened to get our 2011 Yearbook the same day he sub drove on another route.  He told me to turn to the 3rd grade page (which was Cade's class last year) and look for Nathan M.  The name did not ring a bell with me at all.  When I saw his picture I recognized his face but not the name.  Clearly he and Cade don't share the same interests because I've never heard him talk about this kid.  Jay looked at his picture somewhat in awe.  He said that kid knew the route like the back of his hand.  Every turn, every stop.  He led me the whole way.  Jay was clearly impressed.  A few days later this wonder kid got brought up again and we asked Cade why he didn't play with him.  Cade said he was kind of a troublemaker and he says bad words and watches inappropriate shows (his exact words).  All Jay could say was "but he knows that route like the back of his hand"....

Sub bus driving...the hardest $20 you'll ever make.

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