Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yesterday I got a huge box of great hand me downs from Kelly, a friend from college. I would link back to Kelly's blog but I'm on my phone. They brought home their daughter, Josie, from Russia earlier this year. Josie had some great clothes she was willing to share with Camryn. Most of them are winter and since it's 100 degrees here today I didn't think I should try them on Camryn. But I couldn't resist this hat, which also has a matching coat. Hopefully Camryn's head will slow down a bit or I'm not sure she will be able to wear the hat when the coat fits.

Does it not look like she is barely tolerating me and the hat?

Actually I'm not sure which one is tolerating more...Camryn wearing the hat or Cade being a part of torturing his sister (which is what he thinks any sort of head gear does to her)

Kelly, she really us excited...even if she doesn't look like it. Thanks so much!!!

Here is another one from earlier in the day. She's getting big!

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The Journey to our Daughter said...

Ahh what a cutie! I'm glad she will be able to use them.