Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Backup-Sip & See

On August 7th Charity and my friend Leslie hosted a shower for Camryn. It was so nice to be in the church I grew up in celebrating Camryn's birth with my family and close friends. It was a great day. Thank you Charity and Leslie! I know it was a lot of work, but we really appreciated it.

Unfortunately I forgot our camera. Here are a few shots from my phone...

The guest of honor looked so pretty in her pink dress.

Aunt Jeanie getting to know Camryn.

Aunt Helen

All the gifts

Leslie and Josie. Josie is exactly 6 weeks older than Camryn. It
Will be fun having a friend to go through this raising a girl with.

And Lawson wrestling Cade not once but twice that day. Lawson is like a banty rooster.  He doesn't have a clue that Cade is 8 years older and 70 pounds heavier than him! 

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