Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2nd post-placement visit and a cereal update.....

Last night we had our 2nd post-placement visit with Jamie.  It went fine.  Very short and sweet.  I spent more time cleaning the bathroom before than the whole visit lasted.  Sunday night I did start to get a little disgruntled with the whole deal.  Do you realize that every September since 2007 I've had to prepare our home for someone from the agency to visit?  I really was in no mood to clean Sunday so for a split second I got a little bent out of shape mentally.  Then I remembered something that Joyce Meyer says a lot....I'm not where I need to be but thank God I'm not where I used to be.  That was the little jolt I needed to remind myself that cleaning for a post-placement visit is a heck of a lot easier than cleaning for another homestudy update.  Saying that I was miserable with the whole adoption process last fall would've been an understatement.  It's hard to believe that things are so dramatically different a year later.  We have one last visit scheduled for December 12.  Then we finalize December 21.  I have not wished one single second of Camryn's babyhood away, but I am ready for finalization.  I hate to say I'll be glad when that day gets here because she will be almost 7 months old and more than likely she won't let me cuddle her as much...but I am so ready to be done with the agency and have Camryn officially be ours and know with absolute certainty that no one will be able to change that.  Nothing personal, I'm just ready for Bethany to not take up as much space in my mind as it has for years.  My first phone call to Bethany was December 2006.  That's 5 years exactly.

On the cereal front things are still touch and go.  Janella and Charity both suggested that I mix the cereal with juice or fruit.  I didn't have any juice so I tried it with fruit.  I think I need the juice to make it a little thinner, but I think the fruit has helped a little.  She at least seemed like she was rolling it around in her mouth before she started gagging and dry heaving.  I tried that last Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday night I wasn't in the mood for a fight so I skipped it.  Then Saturday-Monday evenings she was a bearcat.  I'm not sure what happened to my sweet baby, but she was replaced with a screaming grump.  I knew ceral those nights wouldn't not work.  At.  All.  Last night she gave Jay quite the dirty look and then started screaming.  He edged out the room and took himself outside for awhile.  It was bad.  The windows were open so I'm surprised the neighbors didn't come over to make sure we were ok.  I rubbed her gums for awhile and that seemed to help.  Too bad it wasn't still the 1960's....I understood why parents rubbed Brandy on their gums.  I'm sure it didn't help with the pain, it just made the baby pass out but at least they stopped crying....and she did all that after we told Jamie all those nice things about how wonderful of a baby she is. 

This morning I decided to try cereal again.  Camryn is in a much better mood in the mornings than she is in the evenings.  I think part of the cereal problem is that evenings are not the best time for her to try something new.  Today it actually went pretty well.  I saw her swallow a couple of times.  We may be making progress.  Then I remembered that we had Cade on a sippy cup at meal times at 4 months.  But he was also on a regular eating schedule and had mastered a spoon months earlier.  It's just not going to happen right now for Camryn.  Either I'm too old and tired or she is wearing me down, but there is no way I will be giving her  a sippy cup in 2 weeks.  Wears me out just to think about that fight.   

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