Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of School

Today was a big day in our household.  Both Jay and Cade went to different schools this morning.  Jay officially started in Mt. Vernon on July 1st but this is his first day to have kids.  Cade is entering a whole new world today.  He will be in the 8th grade at the middle school.  I have been so nervous for him the last couple of days.  I've prayed and prayed and prayed some more for him today.  I know moving was what we were supposed to do, but my Momma heart is still thinking about him a lot right now.  I'm trying not to think about how his head was just a little above the fireplace door on his first day of Kindergarten....

We always try to do a mom and dad picture with the kids the same day.  Camryn can never cooperate when we take pictures.  Never!  I just hope by next year she matures enough that we can get a smiling Kindergarten picture and not an open mouthed scowl!
Look how tall Cade is.  I took him to the doctor on Monday and he had grown three inches since March.  He is 5'6".  He was wearing shoes in this picture but normally I'm just a hair taller than him.  Camryn's attitude didn't change any between pictures.

Since we moved into this house we have marked Cade's size on the door frame between the kitchen and family room.  We mark it on special occasions like the first day of school, birthdays and other times when we think he's grown a lot.  We went ahead and marked it last night so we wouldn't have to do it this morning.  I'll admit I got a little misty eyed looking at this wall last night.  If there was ever a reason I'd never want to leave this house - this wall would be it.  The bottom mark is 5/5/05 and the last one is 8/13/15.  Ten years of recorded heights right there.  That hit me a little hard last night.  That and the fact Jay was wearing a MV t-shirt....I think it was too much all at once! 
Then look who made yesterday's paper.  I think it's a good little bit of publicity before school started today.  Proud of everything that Jay has done....even though sometimes it does make me a little crazy!!