Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Premieres

One of my "guilty pleasures" is TV.  I have some shows that I really like to watch.  There, I admitted it.  I know that watching TV is something that we sometimes are embarrassed to admit.  It's supposed to make us fat, lazy and dumb.  But we all do it.  I love it when someone claims to "not really watch much TV"  but they can still take part in just about any conversation that revolves around a TV show.  Part of my TV watching has came from the fact I've been in a different stage of my life than most of friends for awhile.  Most of the people I know have kids younger than Cade.  Having young children does limit the amount of time you spend watching TV...but you probably know every Bob the Builder and Disney movie by heart.  Since Cade has been on out of the toddler/baby stage for Y E A R S that has allowed me to have quite a bit of free time the last several years.  So I would watch TV.  Don't worry...I still keep my house clean, read books frequently and exercise.  Actually before Camryn we had a treadmill set up in the spare room where I could exercise AND watch TV at the same time.  That was great.  So, yes, I am excited that the fall shows start this week.  Don't call me at 7 on Wednesday.  I won't answer. I'll be watching The Middle. 

And this fall premiere obsession didn't fall far from the tree.  He loves Star Wars The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  Apparently cartoons have season cliffhangers and premieres???  All I heard about for weeks was "when is Friday, September 16 because that's when Clone Wars new season starts".  Cade spent the night with a friend and I had strict orders to record it.  He got to enjoy it Saturday night.  I put Camryn in the Bumbo AWAY from the TV. Left the room and then found them like this a few minutes later.  I may be fighting a loosing battle with keeping her from the TV.  Cade is a bad influence!  She did start crying a few minutes later.  It may have been the Bumbo but I'm hoping it was that she didn't like Clone Wars.  I'm really hoping that I may have one who will like things I do...not weird science fiction things. 

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