Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Art of Vinyl Wall Art

I had been eyeballing vinyl wall art for quite some time.  I’ve seen some really neat things like Bible verses and whatnot on all sorts of walls.  I’ve liked it, but I never had a place for it in my house.  I already had most of my walls situated the way I wanted so there was no room.  And since I know why my grandparents house looked the same my entire 28-33 years they were alive, they liked what they had and didn’t feel the need the change anything (yes, that’s me), I knew I’d never have any vinyl wall art.  Then Camryn came along and I thought there might be a possibility.  Then my cousin Diana told me about Groupon and a place called Dali Decals….wouldn’t you know it the very next day there was a Groupon for Dali.  For $20 I got a coupon for $50 to use at Dali.  Yay!!!  So then I just had to wait until I knew what we were doing in Camryn’s room and if vinyl art would work.

Last Monday UPS delivered my little triangle shape tube that contained my navy blue branch with red apple blossom piece of vinyl wall art.  Then Jay promised me we would get it up the next night, then the next night, then the next night.  Finally on Thursday about 8pm I saw it lying on Camryn’s floor.  Charity and her kids were supposed to be here Friday night so I knew the wall art wouldn’t stand a chance with those 4 feet running around.  We started on it.  Then I got in trouble for bossing.  Even though someone didn’t watch the instruction video or follow their recommended hinge method.  He’s put so many stickers on trailers he didn’t need to read any instructions.  And of course the way the decal place told him to do it was the wrong way to do it.  Anyone who’s ever spent at least 5 minutes around a man knows what I’m talking about.

I finally decided I couldn’t watch him putting the branch up any longer so I moved to the rocking chair to give Camryn a bottle.  I’m not even sure of what I heard but I heard something that made me think it was not going well.  I asked Jay if he was having a problem.  He said No.  I didn’t believe him.  I knew something was wrong.  I asked him if he was lying to me.  He said he wasn’t.  I didn’t believe him, but I went back to looking only at Camryn and not the mess going on in the corner.  Then Jay needed something so I handed it to him.  He looked so much like a little kid.  He was trying to hold a piece of the backing in his hands to hide the fact he had ripped off one of the braches.  I knew he had messed up something!   He told me it would be ok.  I told him he should’ve done the hinge method.  But that was like the nails that come with curtain rods and the hangers on the back of pictures….they are incorrectly constructed and will not work to hang anything.  Even thought millions of curtains in homes across America are hung with the nails that came with the rods.  So anyway, I decided to leave the room and get a trash bag.

When I got back in Camryn’s room Cade asked me the definition of a word. It’s not unusual for him to put me on the spot like that so I didn’t think anything about it. Except this word was micro-manage. I thought for a second and I defined it as “what Dad thinks I do to him all the time”. I hit the nail on the head with that one because Cade then said “Dad told me to ask you”. Caught Again! Jay said Cade needs to quit telling me everything they talk about. I think Jay would’ve learned by now that if it needs to be a secret don’t tell Cade.

After ripping off yet another branch Jay finally got the thing on the wall. Then I started with the flowers. Apparently it takes more time to stick 32 apple blossoms on the wall than you would think. It was almost 11 before we went to bed. I finally had to stop. I had a pull in the back of my neck which was giving me a headache. I finished it the next morning.

I still have one more thing to do in her room then I’ll post pictures of the finished product.  Camryn was completely concerned about the branch last night.  I put  her in the crib while I worked on the flowers.

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