Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School

The last couple of weeks have been a blur.  Between school starting, the Sheldon Picnic, finishing Camryn's room things have been a little wild and I haven't had much time for blogging.  Actually, that's not the whole truth and since I've always tried to be honest....Jay is back in school he has to take his lap top with him.  It is just too much work to boot up the home computer and sit in the hard wooden chair to do my blogging.  I prefer to do it from the comfort of my couch.  Yes, I'm spoiled that way. 

Cade will have been in school 2 weeks on Wednesday.  It's hard to believe our boy is in the 4th grade.  I'm not sure how much he weighs now, but this has been a summer of him filing out.  He doesn't look like you could break him in half anymore.  He's definitely got some substance to him now.  If he grows into his ankles and thighs he is going to be a big boy.  We always assumed he would be tall, but I thought he'd be one of those tall string bean kind of kids.  I don't think that will be the case anymore.  Every day we find another pair of shorts that no longer fit.  I've got my fingers crossed that we make it until pants weather without anymore short casualties, but I don't know.  My mom had bought him new pajamma bottoms a couple of weeks ago.  He wore them last night and they already look like they are getting tight on him.  We've lucked out with him and he's never taken very many big growth spurts to where he totally grows out of his clothes before they wear out, so it's probably time.

So far, again my fingers are crossed, but we seem to have had a breakthrough with school.  Im not sure if it is his teacher or just 4th grade in general, but he seems to be liking schoool.  We were all excited about the teacher he got.  We had known for years she was the 4th grade one we wanted.  I think their personalities are similar .  Last Friday they dissected an owl pellett.  Leading up to it the were reading books about owls and taking reading comprehension tests.  He was so proud because he got a 90 or 95% on the test.  Finally, he is learning about stuff he cares about.  It is making such a difference in his attitude towards school.  This weekend we were in line to get ice cream and the people behind us noticed Camryn so they asked how old they were.  Before I knew it Cade had answered all their questions plus informed them she was adopted (he said that with so much pride in his voice) and was telling them in detail what he found in his owl pellet.  That was withing 10 seconds of meeting them.  He doesn't know a stranger.  If he tells that much to strangers what is he telling his teachers?  I can't think about that too much or it will probably keep me awake at night.

It's also a tradition for each of us to have our picture with Cade.  This year was a little different. Normally I'm on my way to work and we usually both take him and walk him in.  He didn't want us to take him in.  He thought that would embarass him.  So Jay dropped him off like it was any other day.  Since I didn't take him to school and I wasn't going to work I was still in my pajammas.  I didn't feel like a picture.  I also wanted Camryn in the picture but she was in bed.  I wasn't about to wake a sleeping baby!  We got our picture a couple of days later at the picnic.  I'm sure by the last day of school both of these kids will look different!

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Charity said...

Make sure you get a picture of them on the last day of school. We couldn't believe the difference in Lawson and Avery.