Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

School starts tomorrow. I've felt a little weepy all day. Cade will be in the 4th grade. I can't believe it. I'm also sad that my time at home is winding down. I've enjoyed being home with them this summer. I think also that I've been communicating with Camryn's sitter this week, getting things ironed out has made me sad. I'm very pleased with who we have watching Camryn, I'm just sad I have to leave her. I really thought it would be easier the second time around. I guess not. Oh the curse of a working mom!

Yesterday I left Camryn for the first time for a whole day. I've left her with Jay for a few hours to grocery shop or take Cade to the pool but never for a whole day. It was good practice for me. I wanted to do something fun with Cade to end the summer. We though Silver Dollar City or White Water would be a good way to celebrate. I should've checked the website first. Both places were closed which we realized
After driving to Branson. We ended up going to Tanger and buying new school shoes. He was so funny with them. He said he looked really cool since they were black! He made me smile all day yesterday with comments about his shoes.

He also ate me out of my money yesterday. That boy is putting away the food. I lost track of everything he ate. I'm afraid he's really going to start keeping on my goes with making sure I have groceries in the house at all times. Tonight we had his Back to School night. We are dinner about 5 so we could get
There by 6 because we also had 4-H at 7. About 6:30 he asked what we were eating for dinner and could we go to Sonic.

Oh, I am sad to see this summer go!

Camryn was really concerned when I was sad tonight!

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