Friday, September 21, 2012

Goose Egg

I don’t have a picture of Camryn’s head and I’m not sure one would even do it justice, but she had a huge goose egg Wednesday night.

It started that morning. When she woke up she had a bump. I couldn’t remember her hitting her head the night before. I thought maybe it was a mosquito bite because those get huge on her and she’s had some on her head that looked like bumps. I know she didn’t cry about hitting her head– but she doesn’t always cry so I could’ve missed her hitting it. Then when I was opening the car door that morning I didn’t realize she was right behind me and the door hit her in the head. I thought that I probably gave her a matching bump on the other side of her head. When I dropped her off at Stacy’s I told her I didn’t know what the one bump was but Camryn might have another one come up on the other side of her head.

I picked Camryn up that evening and got home and everything was fine. She still had the original bump but she didn’t have a mark from the car door. I was on the phone with my sister and Camryn was on the floor in somewhat of a prayer/worship looking pose with her head on a pillow. She raised her head up and then smacked her forehead into the pillow. We heard it smack on the floor. She got up like nothing had happened. A few minutes later she got on my lap and the bump on her head was enormous.

Jay and I had about a 10 minute panic attack over this bump. I worry more than Jay so for me it wasn’t anything new, but Jay doesn’t usually get worked up. We also weren’t really thinking about her hitting her head on the floor because it was on a pillow and it didn’t seem to bother her at all. We were asking each other if the bump had grown all of a sudden? Was it that big when I picked her up? Wouldn’t I have noticed if it was that big? Did she have a growth on her head? The bump when she fell out of the cart at Sam’s wasn’t nearly that big was it? Jay told me to call Stacy to see if she had noticed it growing during the day. Stacy said she didn’t think it had grown but that she had thought it looked more like a bump than a bug bite. Finally common sense set in and we started thinking clearly. I got in the same position on the floor Camryn had been in and put my head on the pillow-we didn’t hear the smacking noise. Then I used my hand to hit the pillow hard enough to hear the noise. Yup, she definitely smacked her head hard to have made that noise. It’s a good thing the pillow had been there or she may have knocked herself out. We decided she had hit the same bump again and that’s why it got so big all of a sudden. She almost gives herself a concussion and she doesn’t cry….but Jay tossed a foam football at her and she bawled when it hit her. She is so inconsistent!!!

Later on I realized a conversation that had taken place during the 10 minute freak out and it made me laugh. Cade said “mom, remember you hit her in the head with the door this morning”. I calmly said “no, that was on the other side of her head”. If Camryn ends up as Salutatorian instead of Valedictorian we will be able to trace the cause back to the Summer of 2012. I’m afraid she’s going to start loosing IQ points if this continues.

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