Monday, September 10, 2012

Milk! Bottle!

Camryn is still taking a bottle. I’ve decided to not stress about it for a little longer, at least until we fly to Virginia next month. I had thought (or really Jay had thought) we needed to start cutting her back. Which that works well for him, but with me it doesn’t so much. And from what Stacy told me, it doesn’t work so well for her either. We are too soft and we give in. But the more and more I thought about it, I really didn’t want to get on an airplane and fly for several hours with a kid who was in a transition stage. That would not only stink for me, but for everyone else on the plane. So for those flying AirTran the first weekend in October you can thank me later(cash donations would be accepted ).

But I have been trying to offer her sippys with milk some of the time…ok, I’ll be honest…. when I remember to do it. Yesterday I poured her a bottle for church and then also a milk sippy (and a water sippy). When we got to church I offered her the milk sippy. She took one drink and then reached for her bottle. Towards the end of the service her bottle ran dry. I gave her the milk sippy and she handed it back. Since she does seem to understand what we tell her really well I tried reasoning with her. I took the lid off of the sippy and showed her it was milk and it was the same thing that had been in her bottle. Mistake…. Before I could stop her she shoved her bottle, nipple side down, into the sippy and said “Milk Bottle”. We had a milk volcano. Those times are when I’m most thankful that we go to a small, very understanding, church.

Note to self – reasoning with a 15 month old who is smarter than you is not a good idea.

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