Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye iPhone 3

I'm afraid I'm going to have to say goodbye to my much beloved 3 year old iPhone 3.  We've been through a lot together.  It guided us through Disneyland, received everyone of our adoption match calls, took the first pictures of Camryn, been chewed on and dropped more times than I can count, had water spill on if several times and still it kept on going.  Apparently though falling off of the treadmill and being shot off of the belt onto the garage floor was more than it could take last night.  My screen is now white with black lines.  Sometime the screen comes back, but not for long.  I'm really bummed because I had just found some .69 songs I was in the process of downloading.  It won't connect to my computer now so I haven't been able to download my new information. 

I knew our time together was getting short.  She was starting to have some issues and I knew I was on borrowed time, but I was going to keep her until the last possible second.  Now I'm in somewhat of a bind.  I let Jay have my upgrade earlier in the summer when his Blackberry pooped out.  Now he is not eligible for an upgrade until 11/23/12.  Not sure what I'm going to do.  I think AT&T should give me a break.  I was eligible for an upgrade for a very long time before I had to use it.  I doubt they will take pity on me though. 

I'm thinking about just going without.  I really won't miss the actual phone part because honestly I hardly use any of my minutes each month.    I will though miss the texting and my internet access.  What will I do when random things pop in my head that I want to google? 

We will see how long I can go without a phone.  I'm sure by this weekend I'll be trying to figure out something.  I'm ok without one, but I do worry about going places and not being able to get a hold of someone if I have car trouble.  But then I think back to all the years I didn't have a phone.  I never once got left on the side of the road so surely I can make it 2 months.....surely I can????


Charity said...

When I was without my phone last year it was actually pretty nice. When I did get my new phone after almost a month without one- it was more of a nusience than anything, but that quickly went away. :)

Julie West said...

I'm sitting at football practice reading your blog. Thanks for the entertainment and for not making me feel alone with all your great stories.

I had to get rid of my old 3G this past weekend. Hard to say goodbye - although not as many phone call memories as your's. But this one's so fast!!!

Keep the stories coming. I've got more football practices to make it through.