Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mud, mud and yet more mud.

**Edited to add that if you don't remember from some of my earlier rants posts, Cade's football pants are white.....

Friday night we went to Fayetteville so Jay's grandma could see the kids for a little bit.  Our plan was for me and the kids to leave Saturday at 2 to make it to Cade's game at 4 in Jasper.  We had a nice surprise while we were there - Jay's Aunt, Uncle and one of his cousins came from Chicago to surprise Nana for her birthday this next week.  I hated that we had to leave early, but we had a game to make it to.

I had mentioned earlier that I thought the kids would be mudballs.  When I wrote that I never imagined the amount of mud that was actually there.  I had visions of some wet spots - maybe some mud on our pant legs or shoes.  Holy Cow!!! I've never dreamed it would be as muddy as it was.  There was an area in front of one of the bleachers that reminded me of our barn yard when it rains.  If I had known it would be that bad I would've wore my rubber boots.  Instead I wore flip-flops.  My theory is I'd rather get my feet and $2 flip-flops dirty than my good shoes.  But a couple of times my flip flops actually got stuck in the mud.  There were some areas that were so wet the water was up to my ankles.  I didn't have to worry about Camryn getting dirty because there was no way I could put her down.  This was more than just not wanting your kid to get dirty.  It kept her from getting stuck or worse.  I couldn't even imagine putting her down on the ground.  She seriously would've resembled a pig.  I saw one little girl, probably about 3, who was so covered in mud you couldn't tell what she was wearing.  I had no idea if it was shorts, pants, jeans - she was solid mud.  During the game Camryn did manage to throw into to the mud below us her football twice, her sippy cup and her bottle.  We went through a lot of wipes!!!

Cade's game was good.  From what I could tell he did a good job.  I know nothing about football so I wouldn't know one way or the other.  He is a little easier to spot this year.  The boys are getting older and don't look as much alike.  He did start so I was proud of him for that.  Of course he loved it.  I'm sure I'll be sitting through several more football games in my life.

I think deep down inside I must have some southern roots because the whole dressing up for the SEC games is growing on me. There are a lot of cute clothes out there. If I was 15 years younger (and .... pounds lighter) I'd really be in to it. Instead I'm going to dress up Camryn. She has a couple of Razorback dresses that we need to wear this fall. I put one of them on her for the game and she wore it to Cade's game. I really didn't think anything about it until someone mentioned that she was wearing a dress at a football game. Then I got to thinking about it....she was wearing a bright white hairbow with her dress. I'm sure everyone thought I was a nut...flip flops in ankle deep mud and a girl in a dress with a white hair bow. Oh well...we actually ended up leaving cleaner than I would ever have bet on when we first got there. And Camryn's bow was just as pristine after the game as it was before. Maybe she has some southern roots to? Maybe she will be one of those people who always look good and clean even when they've been in a dust storm.

I was able to get my feet pretty clean after they dried.  We were still able to go out and eat with Dad, Lynn, Charity, Avery, Lawson and Charity's friend Courtney.  It was definitely one of those nights where we made some memories.

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