Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More from last night....

Jay made it home in time from his meeting to get Cade. In other words Cade was not wandering around town and he walked into the house on both of his legs. He survived practice. Later in the evening Jay and I were talking about my great-grandparents. Jay made the comment about how times were different then and they needed to be tougher and harder than people are now. I said “yeah, they probably wouldn’t wanted to cry when they dropped their kids off for football practice”. Jay looked at me and said “you seriously almost cried?” Then he said “we will just say that it was the medicine doing that”.

My doctor said month 2 would be better than month 1 and month 3 would be better than month 2. He told me to just try and hold on and give it 6 months. I hope he is right….otherwise it will be a long 6 months!

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