Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Ganglion Cyst Update

Today I had to move the cyst from the “I’ll watch it and deal with it later list” to the “my wrist hurts so much I am tempted to desert my family at 5 am this morning because I can’t handle them anymore” list. When I can’t handle dealing with anyone in the family is usually my internal indicator that I need to see a doctor about whatever is making me a grump. Having your wrist throbbing and feeling like what things do in cartoons when they get hurt will make a person grumpy. The other thing that nudged me along was that I almost felt feverish this morning. I was kind of afraid it may have gotten infected since I did the whole home remedy thing. I broke down and called the doctor for fear my blood was turning septic as I sat at my desk.

His nurse agreed with me that it did look like a Ganglion Cyst. Then she said “did you know they are also called Bible cysts because some people would try to hit them with Bibles”. I just said “really???” like I was in complete shock someone would do that. The doctor came in and said the same thing – he thought it was one of those cysts. The bad news is the only way to get rid of them is by surgery. Since I’m not at all crazy with that option he gave me some steroids to try to calm it down and I’m supposed to try to not use that wrist the same way I have been. Yeah – with Camryn’s drama queen attitude right now that’s not going to be easy.

Camryn appears to be going through a separation anxiety phase but only worse. Last night she had her back to me when I walked in the door from work. Once she heard my voice she started having this screeching/screaming/sobbing cry that said “how in the world could you have left me with Dad and Cade for 30 whole minutes while you got your hair trimmed”. The rest of the night at the Fall Festival she would not remove herself from my hip – probably why my wrist was even more inflamed today. Jay tried taking her numerous times, but she would only give him dirty looks and start screaming if he touched her. Then she fell asleep and would not let me put her in the stroller. I had to carry her around even though she felt like her last bottle contained liquid cement.

By the time this weekend is over, if I’m not going to need Ganglion Cyst surgery or ruptured disc surgery I’ll be amazed. I’m really hoping it is Hurricane Isaac that has Camryn out of sorts. Maybe when it finally blows through it will take Camry’s bad mood with it.

Oh and by the time I got to the doctors office I wasn't feeling feverish anymore so I'm pretty sure I'm not septic.  But I overheard the doctor and nurse talking about someone who had shingles. it just me or do there seem to be a lot shingles going around right now?  That is at least the 3rd person I've heard of in a couple of weeks. 

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