Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well the summer is officially over and 5th Grade starts today.  Even though I'm not ready to give up our more relaxed summer schedule I guess I don't have a  choice.  This morning we got up and around very early.  We had breakfast together, took the back to school pics and measured both kids on the door frame.  All of that was done before 7 am.  Jay made the comment that it was actually possible for us to get around before 7.  Hopefully he won't think we can live up to that every day.  I predict that by Monday I'll be yelling from the bathroom to the kitchen "just get some cereal, it's 7:30 and I still need to fix my hair!"  I think I've read every article ever published on how to make your mornings smoother and not one of them has actually helped.  Probably because if I did everything the night before that they suggest I'd never get to actually go to bed.  But my new organization system in our laundry room is going to change the 2012-2013 school year.....yeah right!! 

Last year I didn't participate in the Back to School pictures.  I was still on leave with Camryn and Cade wasn't interested in having me walk him in to school so I was still in my pajamas.  This year it was nice taking the picture and having Camryn in them.  I can't believe Cade is in the 5th Grade and Camryn looks really long in the picture where Cade is holding here.  Kids grow up too fast!!

We had both Back to School nights on Tuesday.  We took Cade stuff to his classroom and them went to the high school for Jay's.  I'm really encouraged about this year.  The last few years, at least for Jay, have been pretty rough.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it - I did not care for the last Superintendent. And I'd like to wish the new school where he is at the best of luck....they are going to need it.
 But Miller has a new Superintendent and from what Jay said the atmosphere was completely different in the back to school meetings.  I really think it is going to be a whole new environment for the teachers this year.  I spent a lot of time praying for a good change the past year so I'm hoping this is it.  But I'll keep praying!  Even with the best of administrations schools are facing a lot of challenges right now.
I'm also very pleased with Cade's class.  He has most of his good friends in his room.  His 4th grade teacher was so good that it's going to be hard to live up to her - hopefully Ms. G is up to the challenge!  Mrs D was the first teacher since Kindergarten who "got" Cade - I think their personalities were a lot alike.  She seemed to get his struggles and knew how to address our concerns with them.  We sent her a boy who could not get math.  At all.  And she sent back a boy who can do it all - he just needed some confidence.  This year he will go back to the Everyday Math program (which is not a good fit for him).  But I think with the confidence he gained last year it will make it a lot easier.  Hopefully we Jay will survive his homework. 
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