Monday, August 6, 2012

Lake Superior

One of the requirements of this trip was to visit a Great Lake.  I was going to say that none of us had ever been to a Great Lake, but after some googling on my part just now I realized I had been to Lake Huron a few years ago.  Since that was one of the worst trips of my life I must have put it out of my mind until this moment.  Anyway....I'm going to say this was the first time that I actually enjoyed (or cared) I was seeing a Great Lake.  It was actually my favorite part of the trip.  We ended up about 100 miles from Canada so I was wishing we really had pursued passports for me and the kids.  It was so pretty! It was also so green.  It was nice walking through grass that was green and not crunchy.

Minnesota was having a heat wave while we were there (95 degrees) but everyone was sweating like crazy.  We thought it was funny because we were thinking it was pretty nice after our 100 degree days.

I think we were trying to get a picture fo the Lake, but we ended up with one of the van.  I thought we had forgot to take a picture of it until later.  The only thing missing in this picture is a stream of light shining down from heaven on the van.  Yes, the van really was that exciting.

Split Rock lighthouse...well worth the extra drive from Duluth

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