Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know I mentioned it a few posts ago, but Cade decided to play football this fall.  Yuck and double yuck.  I think that since I came from a school that had no football I don't get the hype with it.  Yes, it is fun to go to the games in the fall and talk to people.  But other than that it pretty much is not my idea of a good time.  Anytime a player doesn't get up immediately my heart starts to pound.  In the few instances where I've seen them bring a stretcher on to the field it quite literally makes me sick to my stomach.  I always wonder how the mother of the hurt boy can handle watching that from the stands. 

So I have zero interest in Cade ever playing football.  Zero.  But being a boy, from a school that has a football program, of course he wants to play.  I knew my luck from him not wanting to play last year wouldn't hold much longer. 

We discovered that football sign ups were the Saturday I was bringing him back from Oklahoma.  Jay called Cade that week to make sure that he really did want to play and to make sure he understood the consequences if he did play....getting home late from practices, not getting to go to Fayetteville for the home games, a totally crazy mom, etc.  Actually I don't think Jay actually included the last consequence.  Jay was just trying to lay it all out so Cade understood the commitment.  And in all honesty I think Jay was trying to make it sound bad enough that Cade wouldn't want to play.  Cade is sharp enough that he picked up on Jay's hesitation and they had the following conversation...

Cade:  Yes, I want to play.  What is the problem? (getting agitated)
Jay:  Well....your mom doesn't want you to play
Cade: (Clearly mad) Well what are we going to do about that?

So of course we let him play.  I guess he was pretty upset with me and wasn't too happy when I picked him up in Oklahoma because he thought I wasn't going to let him play.  He was a lot happier once he figured out I wasn't going to stop him. 

Practice started last week.  Again, I'm not one to hold back my feelings (at least not on my blog) but when I found out who one of the coaches was it took every ounce of strength to not call the head of the youth sports program.  How many times does a person need to make a butt out of himself at a kids sporting event before someone figures out he doesn't need to be around children?  Apparently 2 times in the 2 years these kids have been old enough to play is still not enough to be banned from coaching.  But I'm trying to remain calm.

I'm really hoping part of why it was so miserable the last time was because I was so miserable.  Two years ago I was in a pretty bad mood.  We had already had one failed transfer and I was coming down off of all the hormones and gearing up for another round.  Anyone who's been on fertility treatments knows what I'm talking about.  Everyone is pretty lucky I didn't march onto the practice field and knock some of those men's heads together.  I'm visualizing about 3 right now that I could've easily done it to just because they irritated me.  Then Cade's 3rd grade teacher sending home 30 some addition/subtraction problems with carrying involved didn't help.  I pretty much was angry at the world during that time.  Looking back I don't know how I survived - it was definitely one of the most unhappy times I've ever been through.  I guess massive doses of Lupron, Estrogen, and Progesterone can do that to a person.  Oh, it was awful.

 I'm trying to not let it get to me this year.  So far Jay has been able to take Cade to all the practices, which works out the best for all of us.  And Cade is loving it so far, so that does make it worth it.  Last night was their first tackling practice and he came home pretty fired up about it.  I am glad that he is enjoying it.  That will make it easier to go to the games (which are on Saturday afternoon' about a weekend killer!).  I just hope the above mentioned coach plays all the kids.  Otherwise my Lupron induced personality may come out.  He seems to think it's more important to win then to let all the 10 year olds have a chance to play.  I'm fine with that mentality in Jr High and HS, but when I pay $50 and hold dinner until 8:30 pm several nights a week then by golly my child had better play. 

Yes, sports is one of my biggest soapbox issues.  And yes, I'm probably slightly selfish, but the time commitment for football for the parents is too much.  I enjoy being able to go to Fayetteville.  Now Jay will be at the Razorback games and I'll be praying Camryn doesn't fall off the bleachers.  With her record I'm almost sure that will happen at least once.  Fun Times!

I am hoping Cade will forget about Jay telling him I didn't want him to play.  I'm really hoping that isn't something he remembers and then will tell everyone the rest of his life about how I was so mean about football...but I doubt it.  A few nights ago Cade was starting up NCAA 13 on the xbox so he and Jay could play a round.  Camryn gets very excited when they start up these football games.  I think it is the loud music on them - she loves music.  Cade thinks she likes football.  Somewhat talking to himself Cade says...

I wonder what will happen if Camryn likes probably won't let her like it.

What a brat!!!

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