Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Diary-How the Transition is Going...

Day 1
Camryn was sick, Jay stayed home with her. I was late to work because the ramp to get on I44 was closed. I had to detour through Halltown behind a car going 50mph. Oh well...I decided I might as well not start under any false pretenses. I will rarely be early. I wore a new dress and the buttons kept popping open. Thankfully Tera had safety pins. We had our first "issue" concerning how things were down differently between the two offices. Pam had a miserable day because of that. 

Day 2
We cleaned out Mt Vernon and got to work late. The differences between the two offices reared up even more. Poor Pam was in tears most of the day. I was about to pull my hair out. I also got the 3rd degree on lunch times. I will have to put my foot down on that one will set my lunch time. Im quickly learning that "go with the flow" or "back off it is only the 2nd day we've been here" is not part of some people's vocabulary.  If this continues I will have to start the letter writing campaign again.

Day 3
I went to the bathroom and for some weird reason I turned to the left instead of heading straight into the women's. I knew none of that felt right but it took me a second to process it before I could stop myself. I'm still considering this day a success because I did not actually go in the men's bathroom AND thankfully no one saw this go down. If someone had walked out about the time my nose was inches from the door I might had to find myself a different job. 

Day 4
Spent the day in Joplin. Being there gave me plenty of stories..which I won't tell. Jade can thank me later. I was called old and I dispensed more advice on wearing colored pants. All in all I'm considering Thursday a success. 

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