Friday, October 25, 2013

Things that make me wonder if I'm losing my mind....

I think this is stress related. I say that because every muscle in my neck and back is like a stretched out rubber band. When you press on my shoulder muscles it feels like rocks. Ok - I hope this is stress realted, because some of it is a little concerning. If you all notice me doing weird things please let me know. I keep asking Jay everyday if I seem weird. He just rolls his eyes... 

1. The last two times I've been at Wal-Mart the poor cashier has had to chase me down with a forgotten bag. Last time it was eggs. The time before that it was a whole sack of stuff. Which in Wal-Mart terms was like $50. What is also embarassing is that they finally caught me at the door. Were they yelling "Ma'am" the whole time and I didn't hear them? So besides worrying about my mind that also has made me wonder if I'm also losing my hearing? 

2. I keep having the same internal conversation with myself, over and over and over. Yesterday Ryan asked me through email to order an appraisal. Every time I'd think about needing to do it I would have the same thought....he didn't tell me who to order it from...did I miss seeing where to order it from....I need to find out....oh wait, it is the kind of appraisal I need to order centrally. I probably repeated that same thing 10 times in my head yesterday. 

3. I re-read what I type and I don't seen to be even useing the correct words. Or I leave out sentences that make the whole email a confusing mess. I had to change three of four different words in just the last three lines on this blog post! 

4. I'm possibly telling and re-telling the same story to the same person repeatidly. If that person happens to be you, please let me know. Don't just smile like you've never heard it before and then talk to your spouse about what a nutjob I'm turing in to. 

Now that I think about it some of it could be hypothermia. I spend a lot of the day shivering because my office is so cold. Right now the A/C is blowing down on the top of my head. It is hard to hit the right letters on the keyboard when you can't feel your fingers. Ok - I'm going to go with the hypothermia excuse. But if anyone is looking for a office warming gift (like literally an office warming gift) here are some ideas... 
A coat...preferably one made out of a bear hide. 
fingerless gloves 
a fire pit...pretty self-explainatory 
Ear Muffs or hat with the ear flaps Scarves, because they are a "hot" accessory right now - like in they make me sweat sometimes but they are also really in style 
Some of those cute boot socks because I wear boots almost every day in the winter and they are stylish but would also add another layer of warmth 

Ok, when I re-read what I just typed above I had to change several words. I think my shivering is causing my fingers to jump around to the wrong line of keys on my keyboard. Yep - I'm definitely dignosing myself with work induced hypothermia. I'm sure in office buildings across America it is extremely common.

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Charity said...

Get a space heater for your office. I have one and it's wonderful!