Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay

Today is Jay's 32nd birthday. He's not home with us right now, he's in Oklahoma City with his soils team. I think this is the first birthday out of our married years that we haven't seen each other??? To celebrate Jay's birthday Cade and I ate at Mazzio's. Jay doesn't care for Mazzios so Tuesday nights when he's not home Cade and I will eat there. I told Jay that's how Cade and I would celebrate his birthday. I don't think he was too disappointed to miss his own party.

Happy Birthday....we love you and miss you!!!!
Cade dictated this last part to me.......Dear Daddy I hope you are having fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. From Cade. I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

Is that an adult hat that Cade is wearing?

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Jay!!

Oh man, I have to send you a picture of CJ wearing someone's glasses...John and Mary told me he looked like Jay, but seeing this pic proves it! So funny!

You gotta get some video of Cade 'playing' baseball...that sounds too cute.

Crystal said...

Yes...Cade was wearing an adult hat in this picture. I think he had just turned 2...