Monday, December 13, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

This was one of those wonderful Christmas weekends that I enjoy.  I was able to get the house fumigated Saturday morning and then enjoy the clean house and my Christmas decorations the rest of the weekend.  I didn't get to watch any Hallmark Christmas movies though...Jay and Cade aren't quite the fans of those that I wish they were.  Cade and I did watch Polar Express and Santa Claus is Coming To Town.  Yesterday afternoon he watched Tom and Jerry in the Nutcracker.  I bowed out of watching that one with him because Tom and Jerry drive me crazy.  I never liked them as a child and I still don't like them as an adult.  They don't talk.  Jay doesn't like them either.  When Cade wasn't looking he would fast-forward through the commercials and not stop when the show came on.  Unfortunately Cade is not a gullible toddler anymore so it didn't take him long to catch on to what Jay was doing.

Other than the Miller Christmas Parade (brought to you by the Miller FFA) on Saturday evening and church Sunday morning, we pretty much hibernated in the house all weekend.  Jay and I are both fighting colds so it was a good excuse to take it easy.  We keep thinking we are about to shake the bug and then we feel like we relapse.  I am feeling better today so hopefully we are on the mend.   

Saturday afternoon Cade and I left for the parade about 3:40pm.  My car said it was 48 degrees.  By the time we headed home at 5:40pm the car said 28 degrees.  This was probably one of the coldest, windiest Christmas parades we've ever experienced.  The poor FFA float didn't last too long.  The wind blew the paper off of it before they were too far out of the school parking lot.  I think the cardboard was gone by Main Street.

In trying to "advertise" our live Nativity that's been rescheduled for next weekend, our church had a float - complete with live animals. 

I think in addition to these animals pictured here, we will also have a few sheep in the production.  We tried getting a camel from a family that lives in Miller.  They supply the camels for Dixie Stampde's Christmas production.  Since they wanted more than $0 for the camel to make an appearance we had to say no, but wouldn't that have been cool?

But these two are pretty cute so I think we can manage without the camel.  And like a bad mother, I didn't get a picture of the other "stars" on the float.  We had three boys dressed up like Shepherd's.  They looked pretty good sitting on the float.  By the end of the parade poor Cade was pretty frozen.  He had stopped talking and his eyes had a glazed over look.  We were glad to get back in where it was warm Saturday night. 

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Charity said...

Clark,Audrey can't see her eyes are frozen!

I'm really hoping to watch Christmas Vacation this year- the season just isn't complete without it!