Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More of the 12 presents.....

Day #5 was by far my favorite of the presents up to this point.  It is an Interactive Nativity made by the same company that makes the Resurrection Eggs.  It's designed for kids to play with it.  All of the main characters of the story are in numbered gift boxes.  Each day you read a poem from a book that came with it and corresponding scriptures then open the numbered box to see who you add to the scene that day.  Day 1 was Gabriel, Day 2 Mary and Day 3 Joseph.  This has been a lot of fun.  And since Cade is old enough to read it himself that has been really special.  He reads the poem and then I read the scripture.  His attention span doesn't last too long!

Day #6 will have to wait until Day #9.....We got home from the program Sunday night and Cade was ready to open up #6.  We told him just a minute because we were unloading the car.  Side Note: The day/night of the church Christmas program is usually the start of our house looking like a cyclone tore through it in the days leading up to Christmas.  We are making food to take to the party and then we have to tote home all of those dishes along with the really great gifts that Cade's SS teacher makes for him and then candy and other stuff that people in the church pass out.  We usually get home about 10 pm from the party and we are tired so all that stuff gets piled on the kitchen table and then everything starts to go downhill from there! Hopefully some of you know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, Sunday night I was determined to not let that happen.  Cade had to wait to open the gift until I got all of the stuff put away.  While Jay and I were working on the mound of clutter Cade brought us gift #9 and #6 saying he didn't know which one was the 6.  I told him just a minute and I'd look at them.  I forgot about it until he already unwrapped what he thought was #6, which was actually #9.  So gift #9/6 was a Christmas ornament.

Day #7 - Was a small Yankee Christmas candle.  It smells really good!

And another side note.  If any of you are involved in a live Nativity here is a pointer.  Make sure that the costumes don't drag the ground!  Our littlest angel costume was too long...there were live animals....you can probably guess where I'm going with this....I grew up around cows, we now own our own cows, I've been to fairs, but there is something about the poop on this costume that really grossed me out!  Jay doesn't seem to understand because I keep going on and on about how it has grossed me out.  It must've belonged to the sheep or the donkey!  So I soaked it for almost 24 hours and washed it last night.  It is soaking again.  I'm afraid this is going to be a process for the next several days for me.  It's worse than the grass stains on Cade's white football pants.  Yuck!!!

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Kristy said...

Your live nativity was awesome! (sorry about the angel costume:)) I'm doing a nativity scene/play/song with the kids for the first time ever in our little church! Yike!
The presents look fun...how did Cade feel about the candle?..ha!