Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch Up-State Fair

I think I posted some about the State Fair while we were there.  Just a few updates from our day, but I never posted the pictures.  Let me just say again - I have never been so hot in all my life.  At least one thing to look forward to was that long time fair goers said it was the hottest one they had ever been to.  If this occurrs only once or twice in a lifetime I can handle it.  If it's like that every year until Cade is 22...I don't know if I'll survive!!

We got there Thursday evening about 8pm.  We traveled that evening because it would be cooler for the cattle.  I will never ever forget walking into the cattle barn that evening and feeling the oppressive heat in there....and that was after the sun was down!  For a brief moment I had one of those toddler moments come over me.  I was extremely tempted to throw myself down on the ground and say that I didn't want to do it.  It was too hot!!!!  That moment passed and I helped Jay unload the trailer.  That in itself was an adventure - I was a novice and it was dark and the stuff is big and bulky and heavy and we were both hot and crabby.  There were some sharp words exchanged which made me really want to throw myself down and say I was done! 

The worst part about unloading though was Buttons.  I thought he was going to die.  He was so hot he laid out on his side and panted.  All I could think was Great!  Our bull is going to die in Sedalia.  I'm going to have to deal with Cade being upset and it will probably cost $1M to have someone haul him off.  I had to haul buckets of water over to him and pour on him.  Finally he perked up and looked like he might live.  He ended up surviving the week, which I was very thankful for.  While writing this post it made me think about what would happen if a cow were to die during the fair.  With the way the barns are built I wondered how you would get them out.  Jay said you'd have to get a skid steer to drag it out.  I'm guessing that's something no person wants to think about while they are at the state fair....hauling out a dead animal would not be the best way to spend your time in Sedalia. 

Ruby placed 4th out of 6 and Buttons placed 3rd out of 9.  We were pleased with how things turned out.
Here is a family picture.  Trust me, this one will not be appearing on our Christmas cards or in our adoption profile update.  Charity and I discussed that week how we are not pretty sweaters.  There are some people who can sweat and yet they still look good.  We didn't get those genetics...as you can see.  And Sunday, the day of the show, was not nearly as hot as the other days.  You can imagine how pretty I looked the other two days.  My hair is an awkward length for heavy duty sweating...long enough that the heat really messes with it but too short to put in pony tail.  Thank goodness we had a hotel.  I can't imagine what I would've looked like if we had camped there...or how crabby we would've been!

After the show Jay and I started loading the trailer.  At least this time it was daylight so that cut down on some of the crabiness.  Cade though started a bad habit that week.  He's at a somewhat awkward age - he thinks he's too big to be with us all the time, but yet we aren't comfortable having him out of our sight.  We did try to relax and let him play with some kids while we were loading the trailer.  He was outside the barn and since we were going in and out loading the trailer I thought it would be fine.  And it was until I lost him... twice.  The first time wasn't a big deal, I just had to search a few seconds longer than normal.  I spotted him and it was ok.  The second time though was one of those where it makes your heart pound and your knees go weak.  I could not find him anywhere.  I asked the kids he was playing with and they didn't know where he had gone.  I went racing into the barn and he wasn't there.  I was really starting to get worried at that point.  Finally I found Jay and he had just seen Cade.  It was one of those deals where Cade was in the barn while I was outside and then he left the barn right as I walked in.  It ended up not being a big deal, but since I was weak kneeded I made him sit in the the truck.  We were almost done anyway and I intended to make it home with everything we took to the fair...bull and boy especially!

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