Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas morning at home, like always. And we had to wake the kids up. Cade is weird like that- he has never woke up early on Christmas morning. We have always woke him up because we were about to pop! Both kids were in our bed so that was probably why we ended up so early. I took a couple of cute pics of them before I woke them up.

Camryn's big gift was a piano. We think she might have an interest in music so we are trying to cultivate that. From what we know her birth father had some musical abilities so we will see. She does love to sing.

Cade's big gift was an iPod. He was thrilled! He also got several Under Armor things. 5th grade has definitely been the year of the UA brand.

Jay favorite gift was a shop manual I found for Cade's 1958 Chevy they are working on. Jay picked me out a really cute dress, leggings and matching jewelry. I loved it. He usually does a good job when he buys me clothes. I wore it Christmas Day but I didn't get a picture.

By the time we got presents unwrapped Jay was feeling worse. Cade was actually feeling better. Funny how an iPod can cure a person. I told Jay to stay home while we went back to Sheldon. He didnt want me to drive by myself. He went with me, but he stayed at mom's house while we went to Aunt Helen's. unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there. My phone battery died. Charity did send me one of some of the cousins with the Happy Birthday cake for Jesus. That is always a fun tradition.

When I checked on Jay that afternoon he was running a fever so we headed home. Poor guy. He was down that whole week with bronchitis.

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